How can I write a letter to the Russian Prime Minister?

I am a high school student in California, and I wrote a letter that I would like to send to Mr. Putin of Russia. I am a big fan of his political ideology and would like him to see what I wrote. The only problem is I cant find any address to send it to. All I can find is the President of Russia not the Prime Minister.


I'm not joking I am serious

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    9 years ago
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    You need to know some Russian (for getting know the rules of filling some required things (full name, adress etc.). Your letter can be in ANY language.


    2. - this is the oficial site where one can send a message to a Russian President. Just in case... if you send what you want after Vladimir Vladimirovich became President again (April 2012).

    3. Post letter to the Russian President (don't forget - after April 2012).

    At the very first it will be checked by "Администрация президента" - "Отдел по работе с письмами".

    Your letter must be signed by you personally. They do not work with anonyms.

    Adress: 103132, Москва, Старая площадь д. 4.

    @ AnAngryRussian2: "I am a big fan of his political ideology..."

    - this part is the most interesting :)))

    Godd luck :D :))) :D

    P.S.: they read ALL correspondence, which is filled according to the required standards. Believe me. It's not U.S. Remember: KGB watch you.

  • 3 years ago

    Prime Minister of Russia

    Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

    2 Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya




  • 9 years ago

    Send two copies to the presidents address itself, one addressed to the president and one to the PM

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    9 years ago

    putin is too busy to read fan mails

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  • vlaimir Putin speaks english, but in all honesty, do you think he is acyually going to read it?

  • 9 years ago

    nice one bro..:))

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