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My boyfriend ...i love him still?

hmmm. my boyfriend just started uni.

but it was only 2 days and he changed

he said there was a lecture about affairs and relationships.

(we two are different .but i`ve loved him a lot.i thought of yahooanswers because i don`t know what to do.)

we are different.but it doesnt mean we didnt love.

why does he change like this?

he said he wanted to breakup with me and that there are pretty girls at uni.

i know he wants to find a girl who is more like `his type`

i also have wished that he is more like `my type`

he is more outgoing with friends than me.

but ,this is my first relationship and i have never ever been unloved and ignored and not-cared by a boy like this before.

how much i have wished that he is more like `my type`,i loved him always and wished that this relationship would last forever,that every other factor will go alright as for us to stay together.

i`m also starting uni after about a week.i believe it`s normal to feel some attraction for other boys/girls when you are at uni whether or not you are in a relationship.i will feel it too.i`m sure.but i`ll somehow be strong and love him anyway.i feel so heartbroken.and sometimes i start to cry all of a sudde loudly.i can`t bear much different we are,i loved him.and now only i know how powerful love can be.i always trusted him and acted to his word and respected him.when he treats me like this,i go out of words.

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    Alot of people change when they go to uni , its the whole new thing to the ego and trying to impress new people its such a scene at times and can bring out the arogance in people. You have to take a step back and think do I still know this person? .His taken by the crowd and his rubbing it in my face.Do you want to trust your heart to someone who talks to you like that and taunts you about other women?

    Its a part of life breaking up that is uncomfortable but its a chance to grow when you are forced out of your comfort zone.Alot of girls dont know what it is to be love and cared for .So consider yourself lucky.You have to greive abit to get over it , wishful thinking is just that.Let go know with dignity and move on.I am sure there are many more hot guys at your uni and numerous parties and clubs you can join.Good luck .

  • Wow this guy is a major jerk!! He breaks up with you b/c there's other girls at uni? Trust me, you're way better of without him. If he really loved you, he wouldn't have broken up with you over something so stupid. I know it's hard, but you have to get over him. On the bright side, you'll be free to do whatever you like in uni, And you'll probably meet someone a million times better! good luck :)

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    my boyfriend gave me this, that's somewhat sensible. it would desire to help. guy info: while a guy calls you, he should be with you while a guy is quiet, he's listening to you... while a guy isn't arguing, He realizes he's faulty while a guy says, "i'm positive." after a couple of minutes, he ability it while a guy stares at you, he desires you will care approximately him and wonders in case you do while your laying your head on a guy's chest, he has the international while a guy calls/texts/comments/messages you usual, he's in love(particularly) while a (good) guy tells you he loves you, he ability it while a guy says he won't be in a position to stay with out you, he's with you until eventually your finished while a guy says, "I omit you," he misses you better than you have got ever neglected him or something and he is going loopy with out you

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    You need to relax sweetie :) if he doesn't appreciate how much you love him, then he's not worth it. There are guys out there who would appreciate you so much more, and would love you to love them. Don't just limit yourself to one guy who doesn't appreciate you, meet new guys who you may like more. and who knows, by doing this you might make your ex boyfriend jealous and he may want you back ;) hope it goes well :)

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    What is uni

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    Leave him alone, obviously he doesn't feel the same about you.

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