I need help with Adblock Plus?

I switched to Firefox today and I want to install adblock, but every time I install it it won't show up in the upper right corner and it won't block ads. I'm using the new Firefox which is the 7 I think? When I first installed adblock it asked me a bunch of filters and I didn't understand what it wanted me to choose from. So, can anyone help me?

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    8 years ago
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    Right click a blank spot on the uppermost area just below the title bar> Customize> find the Adblock icon> drag to a spot where it will drop (for instance the "Bookmarks" line).

    To maximize the blocking function of ABP:

    On the ABP 'Stop Sign' drop arrow> Preferences> Filters> Add filter subscription: from the list of those available, tick whatever filter fits your Firefox settings have as 'home' country (US is > Easy List); tick 'Subscribe'> OK.

    (This list removes the huge top banner ad on these Yahoo pages)

    "Easy List" is one good subscription, and others can be obtained for your particular countries servers (and a few extras for US; EasyPrivacy+EasyList, Malware Domains; AdblockRules.org; Fanboy's List).

    The list is long...look for any that will help your browse sessions be 'cleaner'.

    When fresh ads appear, it means a new way to get around your current 'blocking' subscriptions. The inconsiderate bastards who intrude onto your system are constantly advancing their delivery methods, and you must constantly counter-measure those efforts.

    To remedy; right click the offending rubbish> look for the Adblock Plus 'block' line, then 'add' the "filter rule"> Add filter.

    Periodically "Update subscriptions" ABP from Preferences.

    Other beneficial mod's:

    FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to "Firefox will use custom settings..."> Check 'Accept Cookies from sites'

    ►Un-Check 'Accept 3rd Party cookies'.

    A good collection of effective add-on's (Official Mozilla) is here:


    "Better Privacy" also helps defray rubbish.

    ►► At minimum, get the #1 item for malware prevention: NoScript, which constrains automagically fetching & deployment of tainted assets.

    [see this page for how it works, and how to use it...very straight forward; http://noscript.net/features#contentblocking

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