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    Tiny Harvest -Beautiful day

    2011-10-12 22:50:49 補充:

    In a borrowed sports car

    On an open road

    We see the sunshine behind the clouds

    I love you more

    Than you would ever know

    Let the mind stay forever young

    2011-10-12 22:50:58 補充:

    If the summer breeze turns cold

    And a hard rain starts to fall

    May we still say

    Here comes a beautiful day

    2011-10-12 22:51:06 補充:

    In a misty morning fog

    No roads are blocked

    A kiss and we're off to see the world

    Nothing can hurt me

    Nothing can harm me

    When you're by my side

    I feel precious in the caresses from the sun

    2011-10-12 22:51:14 補充:

    When the winter is long

    And our songs no longer sung

    May we still say

    Here comes a beautiful day

    When the summer shifts to fall

    And we're grey and old

    May we still say

    Here comes a beautiful day

    2011-10-13 08:04:14 補充:

    小豐收樂團 / 逐夢旅程

    Tiny Harvest / Time For Departure


    2011-10-13 08:04:21 補充:

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