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求助英文高手 幫忙修改英文對話的文法!!

請幫忙修改文法!!謝謝 BOB: Weare senior now, and recently we are planning for the future direction aftergraduation. I think I will find an interested job. What are you going to do?AMY: I amalso worry about this problem recently; my parents encouraged me to studyabroad. I think this is a good idea, so I will go abroad after graduation.BOB: It’sa nice object. Where do you going to study?AMY: I amplanning to go to USA for study graduate school. To learning foreign culture, language, andmake like-minded friends.BOB: whatwould you like to study, when you go to abroad? I have heard many Taiwanesestudents to go abroad for study business and management.AMY: Iwant to study social science in New School University. I had discussed with my professor,and asked them to help me write a reference.BOB: Itis a well-known university. My cousin is studying in there. And I have heard ahigh price in USA.AMY: I amalso worried about money, so I intend to get some part-time job for save money,and conscientious studying English.

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    BOB: We are going to graduate from school so recently I am thinking what I can do after graduation. Maybe I will go find an interesting job. How about you?

    AMY: I am also worried about this problem.My parents encourage me to study abroad. It is a good idea, so I decide to go abroad for studying more after graduation.

    BOB: It’s a wonderful choice. Where are you going to study?

    AMY: I plan to go to the USA . Go there to learn different cultures and make progress in English. What's more, make some good friends.

    BOB: Then what subject are you going to study ? I have heard many Taiwanese students go abroad for studying business and management. I might do the same.

    AMY: I want to study social science more in New School University. I have discussed with my professor and asked him to help me write a reference.

    BOB: It is a well-known university. My cousin is studying there. And people say the tuition is high.

    AMY: It really makes me worried . I intend to get some part-time jobs so that I can pay for it.

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