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Epilepsy in Pomeranians?

I have an 8 month old female pomeranian. A few times she has what I thought to be just low sugar...But Friday night she had an episode, I did what I usually did to get her sugar up and was fine. Sunday, she starts whining, her legs are positioned weird and kind of stiff, tons of saliva, shaking slightly like a scared dog would(not violently) and her eyes were watery, couldnt stand up without falling over, and then it passed in about a minute. Kept salivating hours later, was super tired, wasnt really responding like normal when I said her name. Tonight, sleeping at my feet, she whines louder, legs are stretched out and stiff, saliva again, she even urinated on herself. This literally lasted all of about 20 seconds...shes now laying in my lap with tons of saliva and very tired, not really paying attention when I say her name. She doesnt see completely confused, just isnt very alert. She's only about 2.5 pounds, maybe 3 pounds.

How common is epilepsy in pomeranians? I had already made her an appointment after the second episode to the vet tomorrow at 3pm, glad I did...can this get to a point where she loses all quality of life? Anyone on here with pomeranians that have had this problem? I'm very upset and worried for my poor baby, she's everything to me...any advice is greatly appreciated :(

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    it could be a lot of different things, but by your description sounds like a seizure. which there is medications to prevent seizures, your vet will do a through exam and some blood work to find out if their is a reason for the seizures or not.

    It may help your vet to record an episode on your phone or camera for them to see what happens. Try to write down what times your dog is having an episode and how long they last and behavior after wards and how long it takes them to resume normal behavior. It is very easy to forget a few details that could make a huge difference in the diagnosis.

    A very common cause for seizures is eating something toxic, keep a very close eye and make sure your dog has not gotten into anything. I almost lost one of my dogs because she ate some moldy walnuts while I was at work (which was a veterinary clinic).

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    you should take her to the vet and tell them that u think she has ephilepsy if they find out what it is they can fix it if it is ephilepsy maby they can do surgery on her brain to stop it like they do on people ??

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