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how to loosen tight curls on a real hair lace front wig?

so i just bought a new lace front wig and it is extreamly curly, like this:


my wig is real indian hair, and is long and very soft, shiny, but even curlier than the picture!

i want it to look more like this:


can anyone help me out please? i didn't think it would be so curly!! thanks :)


just fixed my problem. i just washed it and combed it out and it got looser! and to the answer down there, yes, i have a lot of synthetic hair wigs already, and this is my only human hair one. :)

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    All the human hair wigs has to be restyled after each wash. It's just like real hair. You might even need to take your Human hair wig to a salon for restyling.

    And do you like synthetic lace wigs? Synthetic hair keeps it's style even after washing. Especially the ones which I sell. They are KaneKalon fiber and are said to remember their style even after washing. They do too. It's also just as soft as human hair and can even look more natural.

    If you want to buy another new wig, you can go to this shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/blackin2011

    there are many beautiful wigs.

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    Hey, I mostly braid my hair again and placed a wig cap on earlier than making use of my lace entrance wig and routinely I'll oil my scalp if I recognise its going to be on my head for per week. If you might have quick hair, then there may be particularly no have to braid if however you probably have medium to lengthy hair, its satisfactory to braid it again to make sure the wig suits you. Hope that is helping!

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    We personally think guys look extremely warmer with short hair. I had any guy friend that had a afro and he cut it in seventh grade year and he suddenly received soo much cuter.

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    I've had mine both ways too... but my husband prefers it short... he never complains when I grow it very long, but is always all over him self w/the complements when I cut that off

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