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India in UNSC The United Nations Security Council?

Wich is the best option to be permanent in the council, i think india, may you tell if you are agree with me and why, or tell me why not????

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    Your question of which country should be an additional permanent member of the Security Council is interesting. The main candidates are India, Germany, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

    First things first, I would eliminate South Africa because their only argument is that there should be an African Permanent member which I don't agree with.

    The next four all have equal claims, India = 2nd largest Population, Germany and Japan are both very important economically but found themselves on the wrong side of history in 1945. Brazil was unlucky to miss out on a spot in 1945 and have always been very strong contenders.

    I would avocate for Brazil, Japan, Germany and India to all receive permanent spots on the Security Council.

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  • 8 years ago

    India would be a good member because there are over a billion people in India, making India representative of the World demographically. Along with maybe a moderate Muslim nation. But Japan and Brazil on demographic reasons yes.

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  • 8 years ago

    India is one o the ten non-permament member at the moment, the way the Security Council is set up is a carter laid down when the UN was formed, to change it you need to change the charter. The deatils are here;

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