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James or Jason? which is better?

add Middle names plz


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    Both are really good names, but I like James a lot more. it's cute as well as handsome as dignified.

    Almost all middle names go with James. How about:

    - James Oliver

    - James Henry

    - James Andrew

    - James Nicholas

    - James Adrian

    - James Preston

    - James Nathaniel

    - James William

    - James Elliott

    - James Barnaby

    - James Theodore

    - James Christian

  • I think of James as a middle name, I really hate it as a first name.. So I like Jason better :) Maybe James as the middle name? I don't like the double J though..

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    James Michael

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    8 years ago

    Jason Thomas

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    My son is Jamison. Kind-of a combination of both. HIs middle name is Zander.

    Jason James also sounds cute!

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    Jason Patrick

    Jason Lee

    Jason Owen

    Jason Oliver

    Jason Ryan

    Jason Kyle

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    I like James Alexander or James Bartholomew

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    James Tyler (I know one)

    James Mark

    James Pearce

    Jason Mark (I know one)

    Jason Michael (I know one)

    Jason Samuel

    I prefer Jason.

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