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Is it safe for a female to travel alone to Namibia?

I want to study abroad in Windhoek, Namibia in Africa over the summer. I am a single female and would be going alone. Is this safe? I understand that there are some common sense things to increase safety, like not traveling alone at night. Overall though, is it fairly safe? Or should I look for another place to study?


I would be going to Windhoek and just for fun and the experience, not necessarily the credits. The do transfer over to my university, however.

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  • VIC
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    9 years ago
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    Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel, the normal things that are common sense, don't flaunt wealth (jewellery, cameras etc) applies as it does in any country. Travelling at night is fine, although African roads do take some getting used to.

    Windhoek is a safe town, although as again with anywhere it does pay to be sensible, don't look like a tourist, know where you are going, don't walk the streets drunk and alone, go into dark unlit areas that you don't know. All these things apply anywhere. carry copies of your passport etc, leave the originals in a safe place, if stopped the copies will be accepted everywhere.

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  • 9 years ago

    You need to find out more from/about the institution where you will be studying. They will have plenty of information/tips for foreign students.

    - If studying at a wildlife facility then you probably won't be interacting with too many people in cities as you will be out in the wilds most likely. OK it might not be too safe if you're eaten by a lion !!

    - If studying in a city, which will likely only be Windhoek, there are safe parts and there are not so safe parts - just like most cities in the world. Make sure that you only go to places or events which are in safe locations, and always go as part of a group. Sad to say this, but often single female tourists are a magnet to local males (in many countries) who might see you as an easy route to residency/marriage/access to your home country or an evening of fun.

    You also need to consider why you need to study there. If you need to get a summer credit and you go back home and it is not recognized (back home), then you've wasted time & money. If it is just a fun thing you want to do to kill some time, then go for it.

    Namibia is a beautiful country, and you will probably enjoy yourself. Good luck.

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