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sparks asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 10 years ago

Why are the Republicans law makers likely to kill Obama's jobs bill?

The news on this site said it was because they didn't want to put an extra tax on millionaires.

Why not, these super rich people with their money and considerable influence always get a much bigger slice of the American pie. They should be more than willing to pay extra, even leave a tip.

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    They want Obama to fail just like everyone else has stated. And they don't want to tax the rich higher because they are the "job creators." Yet there has been very few jobs made even though they pay lower taxes.

    The facts are there Bush said the lower taxes would create jobs has failed. Under Bill Clinton when the rich were paying higher taxes. Clinton created 23 million jobs so the whole lower the taxes on the rich, and they will create jobs is not true.

    Also the Bush Tax Cuts were not suppose to last as long as they have, which is some thing republicans fail to recognize. They also say Ronald Reagan was the greatest President in history of the United States. Well the majority do at least mean while Ronald Reagan raised taxes multiple times during his Presidency.

    Even Ronald Reagan recognized the rich should pay higher taxes. So why can't the republicans that act like he is a god reconize that?

  • 10 years ago

    As the Republicans stated in 2008 and restated again 2010 - their mission is to see that Obama is a one term president. In spite of the fact Obama ran against and beat a Republican nominated by the Republicans, like children on the playground, the Republicans made it their mission to create failure in the Obama Administration. They have worked harder at see Obama fail than they have in trying to help fix our problems.

    In reality - if the Republicans did anything at all to support fixing America problems it would support the Obama Administration. The Republicans are not about to let anything that shows any improvement occur while Obama is in office. They would rather see America suffer through another year or two rather than see the current Administration achieve any success.

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    The day after Obama was inaugurated, a Republican spokesman said their top mission was now to make sure "Obama fails." Everything they have done since then has been directed to that goal. Every proposal he has brought up, no matter how beneficial to the country and its citizens, has been attacked and shouted down. The health care bill, which would have benefitted millions, the jobs bill, which would benefit millions, must be defeated as a part of making sure Obama fails. How sad.

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    Read this bill. It will not create jobs. It is a tax bill. Most people who have more worked for it.

    Remember, the amount they are going after continues to drop. Pretty soon they will be coming for you.

    The healthcare bill was passed as O had a majority in both houses of congress, even as the American people complained bitterly against it. He had his way for two years with a Dem congress, in both houses. Do you like the price of gas now? How about all of the unemployed?

    Occupy Wall Street should be in front of the WH, where they belong.

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  • 10 years ago

    To seek innumerable donation from wall streets tycoons 4 their presidential campaign.

  • 10 years ago

    It is a bill to add Taxes, people.

    Can government legislate job creation?

    Are jobs the result of legislation? No

    Job creation is the end result of a stable economy. in several stages or periods of healthy growth and plateaus.

  • Not
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    10 years ago

    they don't want obama to get elected for a second term

  • Jet
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    10 years ago

    its the Democrats thats jacking everything up..I believe they have the majority,,and still cant get anything least the Rep...stick together and have each others backs,,unlike the Dems..

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