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what is the highest level of thc you can have on a drug test?

i got tested by my school and they said that my level was 700 which was the highest you can have. but i heard from other people it can be in the thousands. please help!!

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    Assuming it was a urine test, it could go MUCH higher than that. urrine mj tests are not detecting thc blood content, only that there is a presence of thc metabolites in the body. Depending on your use pattern and metabolism, there could be a LOT of metabolites in your urine at any given time..

    I read your other q, I know it was a while ago, but to clarify, since marijuana is illegal, it is often treated as 0 tolerance, meaning a urine drug test CAN be used as evidence to charge a dui. It is like getting a dui for .00001 bac at 19 years old - no one is too drunk to drive at that bac, but because they are under age, they fall under the 0 tolerance laws. If you are ever in that situation, DEMAND a blood test, so that you can at least point to your thc blood content vs the results of a urine test that is measuring non psycho active metabolites that are in your fat tissue, not blood.

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