Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air, really confused!?

Hey guys! I am hopefully going to uni next year, and was interested in getting a macbook. I have ahd a look but there are so many different types!

Can somebody explain the main differences between a macbook, a macbook pro and a macbook air?

How much student dscount to university students get?

And which would you recommend? (Remembering I am on a tight budget) ;)

Thankyou all very much

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    Macbooks are old, don't worry about them unless you are tight on budget. You can only get them used.

    Macbook Pros are powerhouse laptop, they combine portability with performance. Macbook pro generally have the best battery life, best graphics card, best processor, best speaker in comparison with Macbook Air.

    Macbook Air are portable laptops, espeically for college students. You won't get a CD drive with this, Hard drive is a bit small if you have lots of data. It does have SSD for best battery life.

    EDIT: Don't buy from apple store. Apple student discount is useless and will not help. Its only $100 off.

    You should only go to apple store for seeing the laptop yourself. Purchase it from amazon. You can get $150 off or more

    For portability macbook air is the best. You can combine portability with power on macbook pros.. Really it depends on what you want from your laptop.

    Generally speaking: Macbook pros are the best. High end 13" or Low end 15" are the highest sold macbooks for apple.

    Hope that helps!

    Buy your mac from the internet, its a lot cheaper. Apple store discount is $100. But you still have to pay taxes with extra to apple.

    with buying online you just pay macbook cost and shipping cost. You can save 100s or even more.


    macbook pro 15:

    Apple store

    $1800 + Tax (10% : $180) + gas = almost $2000


    $1710.04 (amazon) + shipping ($3.99) = $1714.03

    Just helping you save! And yes amazon is trusted and no I don't work for amazon.

    Source(s): Owner of Macbook Pro! AUDI RS4 RULES!!!
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