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I hate black people is this normal?

I've hated black people ever since i switched schools in 3rd grade. The black kids at my old school were all friendly and nice. But at the schools i've been too they've been bullies and douche bags. I just want to know if this is a normal feeling. and yes i know Hating a race for something a few certain people do probably isn't right, but if you went through the bullying and suffering i did you'd understand.

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  • Nguyen
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    9 years ago
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    It is very normal.

    I had NO RACIST view at all till I started working with American Black people because they have a real tendency to treat every other race like crap. Then the big item i hate about American blacks is if they don't get their way it has to be because of race. I have found that American blacks are mostly bitter , racist, lazy, no morals/low morals and no honor.

    The only exception to this is a small group who are not bitter , racist, lazy, no morals/low morals and no honor.

    Every African and Kenyan black i have worked with are the nice, hard working , kind people who have honor and integrity. I have nothing bad or hate with blacks of other races but American blacks.

    I have African and Kenyan black friends. The African and Kenyan black friends I have say much worse like American blacks have so much but they are trash.

    Real African and Kenyan can't stand living next to American black people .

    6 out of 10 black pregnant girls in new york has an abortion.

    90% of prisoner are American Blacks.

    Every American black neighborhood has very high crime I have been to in my state.

    I am not ignorant if it's True.

    Truth is truth an not racist.

  • 5 years ago

    Hmm well doesn't that go for all races when some white person mentions "black person" black people go all crazy and calling you a damn racist getting butt hurt real easily and well you get the story i dont know but ugh its normal for mostly everyone who has seen the terrible shitty side of black people.... for me i really hate black people with a passion since i was well bullied and beat up constantly by a bunch of black kids back in 5th grade not sure i guess its just the way they are and we could say the whites have a bit of a blame too because they created the government support and the black people took advantage of it and became all lazy most of them and heavily depend on government money and where does that money come from well the whites so i can see why most all of whites hate black. LET THE BRUTAL COMMENTS BEGIN

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    • Grow a pair even if they wasn't black I bet they still would have bullied you. I'm sorry for it tho that as to suck to be bullied but that doesn't mean you should hate the race

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  • 3 years ago

    When you see a fire you avoid it. This is not only normal but necessary for survival. We have seen sub-human behavior too often from blacks... much more often that what we've seen from whites and orientals and Hispanics. We have survived the centuries because of this normal human condition: reflex judgment. That will never change.

    Blacks need to change their image by acting in different ways. That may take centuries so they better get busy being nice hard working people.

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  • 4 years ago

    We are all God's children. Pray for your enemy no matter what race they are. Don't categorize an entire race off of individuals. It is okay to not want to be around those individuals, however hating an entire race is wrong. Yes it's normal to think that way, but it's also normal to be rational and correct yourself from those thoughts and change your way of thinking. I honestly use to hate a certain race of people when I was a teenager to early 20's. I can't say I was bullied by them, but rather constant war with them with them being the aggressor 90% of the time. I had an incident with a person of that race recently and old thoughts of hatred started coming back. I immediately started praying for God to remove those thoughts and also prayed for Him to bless that individual. Shortly after I went to the store and a person of that race was preaching a sermon on the radio that moved my heart. I felt a close connection to him and all the people of his race after hearing that. Pray. Jesus loves you.

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  • Yes its normal and its also very justified! Dont worry about all the idiots on here who are in denial or are in such a comfy insulated world that the only black people they ever dealt with was serving at the supermarket. They cant see it so they think you are racist but one day they will see or experience something, then theyll know.

    People gain opinions relating to their own personal experiences and so if someone hasnt really dealt with blacks much, they probably just dont realize what black people are like in general, but for those who have had to deal with this blight on humanity, well, we know.

    Blacks are the bottom race on the planet, the most wretched, primitive, failed race of them all! and are disliked by ALL! Oriental races HATE blacks. Arabs look at black as sub saharan monkeys to be culled. Latinos are very racist and HATE blacks and of course caucasians, top race on the planet with every right, dislike blacks, they are simply a cancer of the white world and anywhere else.

    black people are very aware of this and it is probably the source for their aggresive monkey behaviour. they say we are all serial killers who murder eac other but errrr excuse me? who murders who? whos in jail? whos jobless? lets look at Africa where child rapes and mass murders are so common now nobody knows how many are killed now. They just label it differently, warlords or civil wars, its just the black way.

    Seeing as they are the most primitive and weakest dumass race, no wonder we have all used and abused them through history.

    They should be thankful we let them live in our nice white world but still, look what they do because thats what they are like.

    So, dear caucasians, be proud of your history and top slot in the world, we earned it and be comfortable with disliking blacks. Oh and remember blacks, the islamic world were worst for slavery not us, we didnt even come close.

    ok what you got people?

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    • I am white and I believe no matter skin of your color you are a human being just like the rest of us!!I live in the hood and yes some black people are ghetto and some are very nice and k?But I can't change your mind on how you view black people.mhmm your parent must have raise you to hate,sad!smh

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ive deliberated on this one for years and come to the conclusion that its not about right and wrong. Disliking black people is quite normal among almost every other race of people. Most of the ones I encounter are just no good. They are just garbage. Disposable. Too many of them. Theyre too stupid to get along with. Too confrontational. Always causing problems. Always loitering. Always in the way. Too many kids. Mongoloid skell dummies are what I think of them as. Always in the way. Always talking. Never shut up. Have to verbalize every stupid thought that crosses their dumb minds. A few good ones but I dont even care about that anymore. Too few and far between to influence my opinion of the whole. I wished they would all die.

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  • 5 years ago

    I dont care for majority of black people. White people I don't like all that much either but they do not annoy me as much as urban blacks or Mexicans. I'm Native by the way.

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  • 3 years ago

    Hoppefully you can turn that hate into some positive energy.Being bullied is not funny.I like the black people that live in other countries than the ones that live in America.

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  • 3 years ago

    Would you tell Black Americans how most of those foreigners got green cards to get to America, they had to pass through contracts with the kkk . That is why those particular blacks don't socialize with American Blacks . Oh its a shame .

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  • 5 years ago

    yes but hate is a very strong word to use. DIsliking the behavior of most black people is more like it

    • No. He ******* HATES them. Who are you to decide whether a person HATES or DISLIKES something. He said he HATES them, so he HATES them. Dumb primate.

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  • 9 years ago

    I hope that you dig deep down inside and find a good reason to love again....hate their actions and maybe even them on a one on one isolated experience...but don't hate the entire race of people because you have some good ones....just think what the black people have been through as it ok for blacks to hate all whites? No because there are some very nice white folks in the world and even when all that was going on back in the day...there were white folks against the treatment that blacks suffered through at the hand of white folks who hated them...and if not for those white folks that cared enough to feel compassion in there hearts to help bring to an end what black slaves had to endure. The devils wants you to hate....rise above it....find a good black friend to help you put a stop to it. I'm black and when I was in school I went through hardships from my own race...believe me I know what you probably had to go through.

    The person last comment is soooooooooo racist, it is hard to believe we have people still in think how ignorant....but there was a lady just recently (true story). She is a white woman came for a visit to another country. She on the second day arriving made a very bad comment about hating Black people. Anyway she got pregnant at age 42. She already had two grown daughter' she and her husband want a son very bad. When I heard that she was trying to influence the locals to hate blacks....I was very saddened by her comments. One day she caught me off guard and made a racist comment while in a group convo. Anyway just the other day I found out that she was pregnant with a boy and at birth the child beware of hatred it is not godly.

    • Thank you you are a really nice person!its sad that so many people are raise to hate we need more like us and less haters!

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