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how do i get my flashbacks from my bad trip on magic mushrooms to go away when i smoke marijuana?

Okay so last time i did shrooms was about 5 months ago on my birthday.. i was looking forward to a great trip but then my parents called right before my peak started... i wigged out, i was already having a bad trip because of the people i was with, i felt like i was sitting in a room with a bunch of people that were going insane just like i was.. it was crazy and i did not like it. i felt like bees were all over me and im deathly afraid of bees and these people i was with just wouldnt talk, and i needed to talk to keep myself sane! my dad showed up to pick me up because i had summer school the next day that i was trying to get out of, and on the way home i just acted like i was crying because he was yelling at me and i didnt want him to look me in the eyes.. i was so scared, and the car turned into a rocket ship and i was trying SO hard to keep my cool around him.. i got home and ignored my mom when she tried talking to me and went straight to bed. when i got to my bed i was scared to look around my room because of my posters and everything, ive never been like that before.. and so i got on facebook to see if that would help, it didnt. everyones pictures looked deformed and like clay cartoons almost. tripped me out, so i just decided to turn off all electronics and try to go to bed... didnt work, i layed there for 6 hours with constant thoughts going through my head.. my back was killing me and i could not get comfortable,, i literally thought i was dying, and i was so scared.. also another reason for the bad trip was my mom came in to give me my anti-depressent and said "you know, if your on something and you take could you need to let me know now" and i said i wasnt, so i took it.. then that thought kept going through my head and i was so scared... worst trip of my life, and i havent done them since for that reason.. but i went from smoking pot every day to not wanting to at all because of it.. now when i get even just a little bit high, humans look freaking weird to me and it scares me and makes me feel gross to be a human and i cant stop thinking about it for a long time.. i know this sounds weird, cause it is weird, i dont like it and i want it to go away.. how do i do that? should i start taking my anti depressants again for a while and then see how it goes? cause i feel like that coulda been the spark of it all but im not sure.. and please dont judge me for everyhting i just said, im just being honest and i want legit help :(

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    ask this on shroomery instead.

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