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My divorce decree was drawn in Montgomery County but TRO was heard in Harris County. Who now has jurisdiction?


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My boyfriend is legally separated from his wife who filed in Montgomery Co while she was living there. She moved to Harris Co and hired a lawyer who issued a TRO because, well, who knows. Jealousy? She told her lawyer that she didn't know where the kids were when with him. Which is not true. Background info: She's 35, five kids with 4 different fathers. The youngest she had while married to my boyfriend. Which she tried to pass off as his and get child support for.

I was reading the decree last night and there is a stipulation that if she moves counties she has to drop the kids off at his residence.

She has moved from Montgomery Co to Harris Co and now back to Montgomery Co all within the last 8 months. Since she's moved will she now have to drop and pick up the kids from him instead of him going to her?

She has somehow manage to sneak through the system. He had her served with contempt of court because she wouldn't obey the visitation but hasn't been served?

Update 2:

Also, just found out that it has been transferred to Harris Co.

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    A little more information would help.

    If you filed in Montgomery county, then you'll need to appear in Montgomery county for the hearing on the divorce.

    Apparently, you had an incident in Harris county that earned someone a temporary restraining order...would that be because you now LIVE in Harris county?

    Basic answer...Montgomery county will be where the divorce happens. The TRO will be handled by Harris county. They are two separate actions with two separate outcomes and two separate jurisdictions.

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