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Is there a law in tennessee that says your water meter has to be somewhere in front of your house?

When the water company put in our water meter there was no water lines running down our road so they decided to put the meter about 100 yards down the street. If we have a water leak we will havet to ask permission to dig up other peoples property and pay alot more for someone to dig. The water company said it was our responsibility to pay for it to be moved. Is there a law stating the distance that the meter should be from your home? We live outside the city limits of Gallatin Tennessee in Sumner County.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The water meter is usually within a short distance of the water main. The water company will "T" off the main (which is on public right of way) and run a line to the nearest private property, then install the meter. If you are a long distance from the water main, then you are responsible for running line to meet it.

    If the meter was installed when yours was the only house on the street, and now there are other homes, you can ask the utility company to take over the line. However, it may be expensive since they may have to install a larger line to serve all the homes on the street. And you will have to have a new meter installed. You and your neighbors may have to pay the entire cost.

    Source(s): TN resident
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  • Josh
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    9 years ago

    No,But it has to be easily accessible and safe to get to for the meter reader.

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