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How do you show your gratitude to God?


For childhood leukemia?

Update 2:

Fire - not so. God created terminal childhood cancer as well as the warmth of sunlight.....right?

Update 3:

Gambit - outstanding point! God is punishing these children for THEIR sin!

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    For childhood leukemia? Are you serious. That is a condition of our own sin. Something caused that mutation to occur. It wasn't God. We are all currently paying the price for ours and our families iniquities. Smoking, drunkenness, abortion, murder, selfishness, etc. I could go on and on....

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    Tell me where in the bible does God tell us that our lives will be blissfully wonderful on this earth. It doesn't. God has also told us that when we turn away from him he not only punishes you but your 3rd and 4th generations. Does anyone take that into consideration when you are sinning without remorse. You say God can stop it, yes he can and will when he returns but if you have already been warned that if you do something this will be your punishment but keep running full steam ahead in the wrong direction in the dark. We don't have all the answers and never will. Sitting around blaming God for the problems we have created by sinning isn't gonna do any good either.

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    Thank him in prayer, obey his commandments and precepts, tell others about him.

    Psalm 119:4, 15, Philippians 4:6, Matthew 28:18-19

    And no, God didn't create cancer. He created a perfect world that remained that way until man and the devil ushered in sin and death. Cancers are simply a long-term result of a continually degenerating, decaying world. However it would be correct to say that God allows the continued degeneration of the world, and so too, ongoing suffering.

    Source(s): KJV
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    we don't thank God for what satan does. God didn't give anyone cancer but satan happily watches as millions die from all sorts of terrible things brought about by mans initial sin. thank God for one minute of life and curse satan for taking life away. remember God wishes perfect health for all his children and one day we will indeed live forever without sickness and pain. Look to the future not the present.

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  • wendie
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    i'd desire to checklist assorted issues. For one, he gave us existence. He gave us the skill to love and to delight in nature. He gave us captivating creations and the wish of eternal existence in a perfect, restored Earth. he will supply us actual peace and secure practices and we are able to now no longer even remember what "hate" or "suffering" became. (Revelation 21:4; Daniel 2:40 4; Micah 4:4)

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    how? by being obedient. by loving Him and others. i know it sounds strange to unbelievers, but as Christians we should thank Him even for our trials--from what we will learn through them--and for carrying us through. there is always something to be grateful for in every situation, hard as that sounds. God bless you.

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    Thanks for standing by while sickos rape, torture and murder children, "god." Believing in the fundie christian god who does nothing for anyone is the same as having no "god" at all.

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    By trying to lead a better life---which is not the easiest thing to do. Also by thanking Him every night for every thing.

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    Thank him for making the child's life miserable.

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    I thank him every day for my blessings

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