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Richard the Lionhearted and King John?

Did Richard take John's usurption of his throne seriously?

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    Richard and John (and Geoffrey and Henry the Young King - and their parents Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine) were the ultimate in dysfuntional families - forever at war with each other openly or in secret.

    I presume you refer to the time when John heard that Richard had been taken prisoner on his way back from the Third Crusade, and declared that he was king now that his brother was dead. Yes, Richard took it pretty seriously. He took it seriously enough for John to go into hiding when Richard was released, and for Richard to have to chase round half of his dominions to find him. Richard didn't punish John directly; but he did make sure that John was far removed from the levers of power for the rest of his reign.

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    no longer likely Richard became a warrior King and would desire to beat every person every time- he beat Saladin two times (on a similar time as having decrease than a million/2 of the forces Saladin had) actually arms down. IMO he observed John as necessary (after all he mandatory somebody to "recommendations the shop" on a similar time as he became away and relativelly truthful. He had countless circumstances the prospect to eliminate John from means- and yet did no longer accomplish that. Which in all probability ability John did what Richard needed (a minimum of assorted the time)

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