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An informative book about world religions for children (5 years old)?

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I would like to raise my son (currently in kindergarten) with an understanding of all religions, rather than advocate one in particular to him. Up until this point, I thought we ...show more
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  • 1Up answered 3 years ago

Most of these are for children a bit older, but you may find something on that list useful.

I've read some reviews for this one, people have said it is very informative.
It is illustrated, (So he will appreciate the pictures) but I don't know how appropriate it is for a 5 year old.
It is a book he could grow into. :-)

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4 out of 5
Thank you very much for giving this a real effort and not stooping to ignorant insults without context.
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  • joe the man answered 3 years ago
    why would you trust some unknown author to educate your child? instead of spending time looking for a book explain the need some people have for religion. explain that there are several approaches (monotheistic, polytheistic, a-theistic. anymist... etc) and the major religions. there is no need to delve too deeply into any of them including the one you dont practice. most books are written by people with an agenda, namely to catch souls for their way of doign things.
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  • Kagos answered 3 years ago
    I suppose I shouldn't suggest 1984.. Maybe you could just explain the basics? I can't think of any religious text that would be comprehensible to the average 5 year old.. :S
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  • Everard answered 3 years ago
    You may have to tell it like it is.
    Fairy tales are about imaginary things.
    Fairies, gods, goblins, gnomes, elves, etc are not real.
    You may even have to tell him Santa is not real either.
    You may have to tell him some people never grow out of Santa.

    Oh and, keep him away from nutters - they'll fry his brain.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Just get him to read every holy book. Make sure he learns Arabic so he can read the Kooooran. And don't just be biased towards the mainstream religions, make sure he learns advanced calculus so he can learn about numerology. Here's a list of religions he should learn about:

    Rastafari movement

    And that's just the beginning, here are a few christian denominations:

    Armenian Catholic Church
    Belarusian Greek Catholic Church
    Bulgarian Catholic Church
    Chaldean Catholic Church
    Coptic Catholic Church
    Mariavite Church
    Old Catholic Church
    Old Catholic Church of America
    Old Catholic Church in Europe
    Palmarian Catholic Church
    Philippine Independent Church
    Polish National Catholic Church
    Spiritus Christi
    True Catholic Church
    Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
    Finnish Orthodox Church
    Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church (autonomy not universally recognized)
    Patriarchal Exarchate for Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe (autonomy not universally recognized)
    Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria
    Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch
    Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
    Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem
    Saint Catherine's Monastery (considered autocephalous by some)
    Russian Orthodox Church
    Montenegrin Orthodox Church
    Macedonian Orthodox Church
    Russian Old Believers
    Orthodox-Catholic Church of America (OCCA)
    Ukrainian Orthodox Church:
    Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
    Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchy)
    Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
    British Orthodox Church
    French Coptic Orthodox Church
    Syriac Orthodox Church
    Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
    Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
    Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
    Church of the Lutheran Confession
    Concordia Lutheran Conference
    Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
    Evangelical Lutheran Church "Concord" (Russia)
    Evangelical Lutheran Free Church (Germany)
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod (United States)
    Lutheran Church of Central Africa Malawi Conference
    Lutheran Church of Central Africa Zambia Conference
    Ukrainian Lutheran Church
    Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (United States)
    Evangelical Catholic Church
    Evangelical Community Church-Lutheran
    Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America
    International Lutheran Council
    American Association of Lutheran Churches
    Evangelical Lutheran Church - Synod of France and Belgium
    Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur and Assam
    Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Lutheran Church of Australia (associate member)
    Malagasy Lutheran Church
    Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Simalungun Protestant Christian Church
    South Andhra Lutheran Church
    Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
    Anglican Church in Central America
    Anglican Church of Australia
    Anglican Church of Burundi
    Anglican Church of Canada
    Anglican Church of Kenya
    Anglican Church of Korea
    Anglican Church of Mexico
    Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
    Anglican Church of Southern Africa
    Anglican Church of Tanzania
    Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
    Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil
    Church in the Province of the West Indies
    Church in Wales
    Church of England
    Church of Ireland
    Church of Nigeria
    Church of Uganda
    Church of the Province of Central Africa
    Church of the Province of Melanesia
    Church of the Province of Myanmar
    Church of the Province of Rwanda
    Church of the Province of South East Asia
    Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
    Church of the Province of West Africa
    Episcopal Church (in the United States and elsewhere)
    Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
    Episcopal Church in the Philippines
    Episcopal Church of Cuba
    Episcopal Church of the Sudan
    Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
    Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church (in Portugal)
    Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Japan)
    Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
    Scottish Episcopal Church
    Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church
    African Orthodox Church
    Anglican Catholic Church
    Anglican Church in America
    Anglican Church in North America
    Anglican Church of India
    Anglican Episcopal Church (USA)
    Anglican Mission in the Americas
    Anglican Orthodox Church
    Anglican Province of America
    Anglican Province of Christ the King
    Christian Episcopal Church
    Church of England (Continuing)
    Church of England in South Africa
    Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches

    Damn I feel sorry for your kid.
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  • semsem edited 3 years ago
    Islam compasses all Monotheistic religions . It is all in Qura'n. But for your son. start with children's book and DVD find it on net . Islam.net

    Did you know there are 25 messengers of Allah in Qur'an mentioned by name? ; Moses, Abraham.jesus. Jakob, Luqman, Isaak, including Mohamed as last and final. They were many many more. And the Beautiful story in Qur'an about Josef, whole chapter is dedicated to him and chapter Mariam. Unlike Bible.You can't find it in BIBLE!

    www.islam for children.com
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  • El Guapo answered 3 years ago
    You sound like a terrible mom. Buy him something a 5 year old would enjoy.
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  • Pope Dogstar I answered 3 years ago
    Why do you need a book, are you incapable of talking to him?
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  • Poseur de Questions answered 3 years ago
    5 years oldĀ ?

    Why do you indoctrinate your child?

    buy him normal comics for normal child.
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  • An informative book about world religions for children (5 years old)?
    I would like to raise my son (currently in kindergarten) with an understanding of all religions, rather than advocate one in particular to him. Up until this point, I thought we still had time before he would need to be introduced to these matters. However, recently, he began asking questions of a family friend who prays before meals.

    So what I am looking for are children's books on his level or a little above that he could grow into, that describe many different world religions without favoritism toward one over the others. If there is one that has an overview of the major groups, I'd rather go that route while he's still so young. Right now, I am thinking I will have to get several separate books on each one. If you know any informative (not persuasive) children's books on individual religions, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
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