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What are some clever ways to ask the cute guy from the bookstore out?

There's a guy that works at a local, independently owned secondhand bookstore. He's a spoken word poet, and a published writer. I feel like I should come up with a clever way to ask him out. Any suggestions?

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    No clever one-liners.

    Be honest. For example, "Would you like to go to Starbuck's with me?" Or whatever.

    Something light-weight and easy.

    Just relax and casually ask him for something like that. If he say's he can't for some reason, don't get upset or insecure. He could actually be busy or unavailable, etc. If he just won't do it, move on!

    Relax and have fun! He'll be flattered that you asked if nothing else.

    Do it!

    Just do not try to be funny or clever. It'll be obvious and a turn-on.

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    My dear friend,there are no clever ways to ask him for a date.If you do not feel shy,just go to him,talk to him and ask him whether he is interested in having a date with you.Generally nobody turns down this kind of offer from beautiful,attractive ,nice and sweet girl like you.At least I will not.And if you are shy,take help of your friends,cousin etc. to convey your wish to him.After all why the friends are for? Do not worry about the result.At the most he may say no(though it is highly unlikely) Apply your feminine instinct and have a blast.

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    First: Make sure youre wearing a scarf, glasses, and one of those french hats.

    Second: When he's about to go reach for a book grab for the book at the same time so youre hands touch.

    Third: Pull hand back quickley, and pretend to be shy. Timidly say " Im s-sorry" ( The cute stutter is important!)

    Good luck

    Source(s): Seems to have worked in every movie
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    9 years ago

    He could die tomorrow, could get hit by a car, you could prevent that if you talk to him and ask him out, just by that you're taking up the same amount of time that would of been used to kill him by the car accident. Its life, don't waste you're time with drama or regret, go get him.

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    Find him a bookmark that poetic, then write on the back your number or wanna go on a date, and leave it to him, say its a gift, and see if he gets back to ya.

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    just straight up ask him out don't be shy.

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    FORGET HIM! you have me :)

  • 9 years ago

    Ask him out in a poem, DUH! :)

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