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name of book on invisible ppl

Can anyone find out the name of this book about invisible people?

I was trying to find the name of a children book for quite a long time. I've read it in a airport bookstore and haven't finish reading it and now I forgot the name of the book. I would appriciate if anyone would know the name of the book.

the story is about the lives of a group of invisible people. There was a scene where the invisible guy was at the airport check-in counter and then the people standing behind him were stuck because the guy was standing at the counter. And the person at the counter asked the people to walk forward and the people were like , isn't there a person standing there? and so the invisible guy found that he didn't even have to go through the check in process and went in without checking in.

the other scene a remember was about the invisible guy putting some newspapers on one of the seat of the train/ airplane so that people would not sit on him and would think the person had went to the toilet.

that's all i could remember and i would be really thankful if anyone has read this book and can tell me the name of the book. I really want to find the book and read it again.

Thank you!


The book doesn't seem to be related to history. and after reading the summary of the second book: invisible people by will, it doesn't seem to be that book either.

But thanks anyway, if anyone have read this book before, please tell me the name of it! Thanks

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