I have a lot of questions about racial identity when it comes to thee color of skin, and would love input.?

I've had a lot on my mind lately.

Here in the U.S, there seems to be mainly 'white, black, yellow( a term that irritates me) indian (hello! it's native american, but people say indian any way), terms that lump people into categories based on the color of their skin. But the flawed thing about this is that it makes people determine your race in terms of you skin shade automatically, rather than venturing to ask you what your ancestry is, disregarding the fact that you may be partially Philippians, asian, irish. Often times, i have been talked down to because I try to correct people when they say things like "You make me want to date black girls," or, "you don't act black." or "You're pretty for a black girl" . All of these comments greatly disturb me.

My mother used to be called 'the white girl', because she dressed eloquently, refused to swear or fight, and always spoke with clear, comprehensible articulation. Often times, It'd make people angry when she simply said 'yes, i'm white' to a taunt meant to tease and sting her for not being trying to act like many of her friends.

At first, when she told me of this, when I was 12 i promptly responded, "But we are black."

And then she would respond "But we are also Irish. Polish. German. Native american. Indian. Philippine. Puerto Rican. Don't let people tell you what you are simply because the color of your skin is mahogany."

I was confused. But bs the years went by I looked at people differently. I spoke with my history teachers, and they taught me about the 'one drop rule', a rule that developed in the U.S and in the times of Apartheid. It stated that one drop of 'black blood' meant that the 'white blood line' was 'tainted', and there for you were considered black.

With that in mind, I looked at indians, some of whom were darker than me. Some had gorgeous, cocoa brown skin. My computer teacher, who was also from india, had light, rosey bronze. Some Philippians had deeper brown tones than I. My friend, Jasin, who is half black, half Chinese, just outright confuses people, as do many other "Blaisians". With his asian heritage so strongly influencing his features, how could people simply label him "Black"? It had me Truly rethink the dependability of skin tones when it came to race.

I started to wonder if it was even right for me to simply call some one 'white'. Was I ignoring the fact That they may be italian and irish? French? Was it fair for me to simply label some one 'Yellow' when they can be either Chinese or Japanese? Or 'Hispanic'? I began to be hesitant about labeling people at all. Whether or not they themselves were nonchalant about it, I find that to this day, refuse to lump people into groups based off of rudimentary colors. And I question the perspective on race here in the U.S.

I'm trying to see which bloodlines influenced my bone structure. I've always found the variations of physical traits in different races fascinating and beautiful. I've recently found that I'm really intrigued with just how strong the genes of facial features are when it comes to the children from interracial marriages. I have a family that is almost entirely knitted together by interracial marriages, which is probably why i despise any sort of prejudice, bigotry, or discrimination. I've learned that the character of a man or woman should never be considered something that reflects upon their nationality, or 'their people'.

I have a cousin who has honey brown skin, with Rose undertones. She's a deeper brown than me, but oh my god, she has beautiful green eyes. She's equal parts black, puerto rican, and native american. But she would be simply labeled "Light skinned African american" because of the way american culture has discriminated against any one who was not white. Her little sister has pale, porcelain skin, grey eyes, and raven hair. She has the same heritage. Yet people call her "puerto rican". One girl is denied one part of her heritage, and the other one denied another, because of their skin tone. It angers me, to no end.

It is why it actually angers me when people say that i'm simply 'black', as if the color of my skin determines my race, and it makes me feel like i'm making myself look like I'm 'ashamed' of being simply black when I correct people.

In different countries, Brazil primarily, my father (who is native american and puerto rican)used to talk about how colors of skin were simply a description in brazil. he even gave me a long list of descriptions for skin coloring that only went in length to describe all the shades of skin, rather than using color to lump people into racial groups.

So now, i have confused myself. What do i call myself? Do i simply relent, and say &


1.White Rulez- If you were not interested, And are too con-deluded to really think about racial Identity in different cultures, you really should've clicked on to the next question. It's obvious you just went out of your way to be a turd out of a horse's *ss. This was a question for intelligent people to put up their opinions.

2. Sauce Boss- Rape Blood? This is never something i wanted to claim, and your type of thinking is the sort of thing I try to get people to snap out of every day. 'Black' 'White' yellow' 'light skinned'... People are so much more than that. I'v been raised to explore all parts of me, not just the african american part, yet i just get tired of being told 'no your just black, i don't see anything else.' puerto ricans come in all different colors. It's the culture that defines them.

3.Nate- And again. A 'deal with it, your black' statement.If you had read carefully, I am not ashamed of having African american ancestry, but tired of listening to people simply lum

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  • Sarah
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    8 years ago
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    IMHO, you are making too much of this. You are thinking way too hard. It seems you are thinking your appearance defines who you are and it doesn't. Sure, sometimes it makes things a little hard, but it does NOT define you. You need to figure out who you are without using a mirror.

    So, if I have this right, you basically have a little bit of everything is you. But how do you identify culturally? Is there one culture you identify with more? Or are you "multicultural",having values and traditions from different aspects of your heritage? Either way, it doesn't matter. Figure out who YOU are on the inside and forget whatever anyone has to say about the outside. If you identify as black, then do so without shame. You don't need to eat sauerkraut daily or jam out to polka music to prove you are proud that you descend from Germans and Polish people. You aren't being ashamed of your heritage just because you don't run around in a "Kiss me, I'm Irish" shirt everyday. You're cousins are in the same boat. Even the one who looks Peurto Rican, if she identifies as Black, so be it. Just like her, YOU get to choose how you classify yourself.

    Now, as for the people with the comments, you need to get yourself some good comebacks:

    "You make me want to date black girls,"--- "Really?. To bad I don't date bigots."

    "you don't act black."--- "That's okay because you don't act smart" or "Oh, I'm sorry I don't fit into your stereotype. Maybe you get out more instead of sitting around watching Boyz in the Hood."

    "You're pretty for a black girl"--- "Thanks. You're handsome for a horse's ***."

    You don't owe anyone an explanation of who you are. So keep it short and to the point. After a witty comeback, (hopefully) they'll take the hint and realize those aren't appropriate comments.

  • 8 years ago

    I could not read all of that because it was well...just let me say as you did your exposition on the colors of other groups it appears that you admire them. I understand as this has been fed to us since we could walk but once you start exploring the history of the continent of African; you will really take a lot more pride in your identifiable genetic group.

  • You call yourself what you identify with the most. The culture you were raised in. If one doesn't know a thing about Native traditions and culture, then it would be silly to call themselves such........just as it would be silly for me to proclaim myself part Scottish, because I have one Scottish ancestor, my paternal great-Grandfather, yet don't know a thing about Scotland. Identity has little to do with skin colour or certain features.....yet so many people try and make it such.

    If you weren't raised in any significant culture of your ancestors, then I would say you should just call yourself an American.

    Source(s): Mississauga Ojibwe
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You are mixed.

    Also, race is NOT SKIN COLOR:

    10 Fallacies of Race Denial


    Youtube thumbnail

    The Reality of Human Races


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  • 8 years ago

    Its A Shame that more people are not like You !!!

    What A Beautiful Person you are !

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    im sorry you look black. i dont see why black people want to claim rape blood so badly. you look like you're at least 80 percent black

  • 8 years ago

    You just Look black. Accept it and be proud of it!

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