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interview for camping?

QQ: what do you prefer Coleman or North Face .

Object: How do people choose the brand, what influence this choice and how does it effects consumption while camping?

I. What do you like about camping?

How often do you go camping?

ii) What is the best time to camp?

iii) What kind of activity you usually do during camping?

iv) Tell me when the last time you went camping?

II. What type of tent brand do you prefer?

i) Is the brand satisfying your need in camping?

ii) Are Certain Features Important to You?

a. Tent shape.

b. Different Size.

c. Waterproof.

d. Easy to set up.

III. Can you tell us about different brand of tents?

i. If North Face were a person, who would it be? If Colman were a person who would it be?

ii. Why this brand?

iii. What Style? What Shape?

iv. Is North Face tent safer in all weather conditions?

v. What else products you like from that brand?

vi. How do you suggest the product to be improved?

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    The North Face over Coleman.

    I feel a lot of people chose a brand based on a salesman and/or the trend.

    I Everything from the hike, to setting up camp, to building a fire (if we are doing that), exploring, relaxing, drinking (if we are doing that), sleeping outside/in tent, outdoor sex, waking up in the woods, etc. Just not a big fan of packing up to go home.

    2-4 times a month (sometimes more or less). As often as I can.

    ii Anytime is the best time. But I guess either summer by the water or autumn in the north east.

    iii Depends. Day hikes, exploring, drinking, relaxing, talking, games, playing with gear etc.

    iv Last week.

    II Marmot

    i Yes

    ii Yes.

    A - So many shapes to chose from now, but yes, you have to like it.

    B - As far as capacity, you go with what you need. As far as dimensions, I'm tall so I need a longer, higher tent.

    C - Of course. 1500mm or higher coating is key.

    D - Not a big factor to me. I like the challenge of setting up a tent. Most these days don't provide much of one. I use a lot of non free standing tents so location can be a challenge but I can pitch a non free standing tent on a bald mountain. The bigger thing people need to do/learn is to properly set up guy lines for a tent. They all need them for proper stability and ventilation.

    lll There are so many in different price ranges and uses. One of my favorite brands of tents is Marmot. I feel they make an excellent, durable product. They put craftsmanship, durability, strength and properly test there products, and do it all before trying to make the lightest tent. Light weight is the big thing with a lot of tent makers. Big Agnes, MSR, Sierra Designs, Tarptent, and a bunch of other brands seem to concentrate more on weight savings than anything else. Al that leads to is a tent with delicate materials, smaller dimensions, less options and short lives of the product.

    i A mountain and a green stove

    ii Why not? Chose what you like.

    iii For a tent? I like tunnel/hoop tents the best. I like A frames as well but that might just be a nostalgia thing from using them a lot growing up. But A frames are great actually, shed snow/rain very well.

    iv Safer than what? North Face makes some good products but it really is all about what condition you are in, what your comfortable with, what you can afford, how you are going to use it, etc.

    v I really like some of the TNF sleeping bags, especially their cold weather bags.

    vi What product? I'll go with any and say that tents should be no shorter than 88". Tall people like me don't fit well into tents under that, without hitting the walls. Sierra Designs has a lot of tents that I like (LT Strike for one) but most are under 84" and I will not use.

    Another thing is ventilation. All tent fly's should have some sort of structured vent. I won't buy a tent if it doesn't have proper ventilation. Finally, durability. As I mentioned above this seems to be a feature that is lacking with a lot of brands who are using thinner, lighter, more delicate materials because they are to busy playing the weight game and making to much money off of a product that I feel isn't worth the price. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending money on a product that is worth the money, something that has all the good features. And, it should last me a long time without worries.

    And another thing, parts should always be available even for discontinued models.

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  • 8 years ago

    I. What do you like about camping?

    Camping is access to more remote areas than possible from a car.

    How often do you go camping?


    ii) What is the best time to camp?

    Before sunset.

    iii) What kind of activity you usually do during camping?

    Establish a base camp between 10,000 and 12,500 feet. Explore wilderness areas and summits.

    iv) Tell me when the last time you went camping?


    II. What type of tent brand do you prefer?

    Brand is irrelevant. A tent for backpacking is different than a tent for car-camping.

    I own an MSR Hubba Hubba, 4 pounds; a Big Agnes Fly Creek, 2 pounds.

    i) Is the brand satisfying your need in camping?


    ii) Are Certain Features Important to You?

    Weight, sturdiness, fast set-up, volume to weight ratio, cost.

    III. Can you tell us about different brand of tents?

    Brands are irrelevant. Characteristics are important.

    i. If North Face were a person, who would it be?

    Lindsey Vonn.

    If Colman were a person who would it be?

    Roseann Barr.

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  • chris
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    8 years ago


    Coleman and Northface market to different users I like both.


    By reputation primarily. Cost, durability and meeting needs come in a close 2nd. Consumption? The main item of need for camping is a tent and generally this is the biggest cost item second to sleeping bags so it's the biggest budget consumption item.

    l. Everything being outside is my life I spend over 90% of my time outdoors camping is just 10% of the total experience.

    li. Spring through fall

    lii. Fishing, hunting, hiking, Mtn biking, rock climbing

    liii. Fishing is my #1 activity

    liiii. last weekend

    II. Reliable ones I own quite a few and enjoy them all. Coleman, REI, Mountain research, Kelty to name just a few.

    lli. yes they are

    llii. yes all of the above, a b c and d

    lll. certainly, but be specific my knowledge is powerfully deep

    llli. too deep here I don't get emotional or cult like with my preferences

    lllii. what brand?

    llliii. same as above

    llliv. depends entirely on the model, weather conditions campsite location

    lllv. again what brand the list is way to long for each of them

    vi. make your products lighter, more durable and less expensive.

    good luck getting that job.

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  • 4 years ago

    I recently went for an interview as a camp councelor and got the job! I wore black pants and a nice shirt (summery but not too dressy). I think its important to not wear shorts or track pants or jeans.. wear something kind of fancy so it shows that you care. Just because you dress up,doesn't mean you aren't athletic! good luck! =D

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