Okay this is my break down of the GOP candidates I had/have interest in, What do you think?

What do you think ??? I'm open to any comments/critics etc...:)))

Mitt Romney...Another Bush/flip-flopper/what ever you want to hear with no real answers and has an issue with adversaries and war/yikes...no go.

Herman Cain...Everyone says he is the only one that has offered and solutions ( WRONG ). I find him hypocritical YET ONLY BECAUSE he has no idea what is going in politics, lobbyists, big bucks...which is understandable yet certainly not PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL....no heart and understanding for what the people have gone through/been undermined in since 2008 no vote from me. I like how in one of his transcripts from his book/biography he says how when he took over the company that he realize his managers where working to many hours 50,60 some plus hours and said that was wrong it was to much and my one son works more hours then that just to support their family ...normal things nothing extravagant, a small home bought under FHA, food, cloths, car ( no loans)...that is about it. The you have my other son who is living with his in-laws and works to support him and his wife and daughter and now that another newborn is on the way, is going changing jobs to work the same hours as my other son Mon-Sat 12 hour days with two days off every 14 days at 12 hours a day plus. They don't have any loans or any thing extravagant either. They are just trying to make it and hopefully be able to afford a home loan one day.

I have a serious problem with a candidate that does not understand why people are protesting Wall St. and even if you don't understand, think you can and bash them. Obviously you have not been following what has been going on in this country with the mentality of what these children and others have been trough in the past 10 years or more under the education system and possibly their parents, not to mention the corruption that HAS AND IS TAKING PLACE in and between Washington. And my children are actually a winning team during this economical time, I can not even imagine how terrible it has been for others that have absolutely nothing or no body to support them.You say you where blessed, WELL HAVE YOU EVEN THOUGHT THAT MOST OF THESE CHILDREN HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN BLESSED WITH KNOWING THE LORD AND HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE THEM FOR THAT AND THE CULTURE THEY HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN...if you really truly cared about the citizens of this country you would NOT EVEN ASSUME why they are protesting at wall st. You say yeah well the BAILOUTS where back in 2008 DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT MOST OF US ARE STILL UNDER PRESSURE FROM THAT, ESPECIALLY THE MIDDLE/LOW CLASS and COLLEGE STUDENTS LET ALONE ADULTS CAN NOT FIND JOBS maybe minimum wage jobs, how in the world and what in world are they supposed to pay for their education with that. So to end I find you the most hypocritical candidate out of them all.

Rick Perry: You were not even around long enough really for me to look that closely at, yet again I thought another oh dear another Bush.


Newt Gingrich.....You are the only one that has answers and real SOLUTIONS, I absolutely love the 50 statutes you have written and what you intend to do the very minute you are elected... Executive orders the first day...http://www.newt.org/solutions God Bless you and may you know that I am not falling for the popular hype polls/rig or not rigged/or the smooth talking what you want to hear or emotional invigorating preachy speeches (like most obama fans did and are doing again with the GOP candidates) I support you 100% and will be praying for you and our country.

Ron Paul :) I support you whole heartily also, May God Bless you and Newt on your road to the White House, either one of you would be a tremendous Blessing and Recovery for America.

Any one else ???? Well I guess we will have to wait and see ehh ;) xo

Why or why not do you endorse a certain candidate or the presiding president ???

Thanks again for your answers, God Bless.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Wow. Can't say you do not have an opinion......

    Romney. He knows his way around negotiating. Whether you think he may flip or flop? I look at it as evolved. Since--when he does change his POV? He stays with it. He doesn't flip back. Like a Kerry does. His values are fine. As far as that goes for me.

    Herman Cain. If, he is nominated he will be flamed to the ground. Unless he proves himself stronger. I've not heard enough yet to know Yes or No.

    Rick Perry, He is a corporate shill. This Texan would rather vote Obama. Nuff said.

    Newt. Love the man. Has great heart. Smart as they come. Can he win? Don't know.

    Ron Paul. Love him more. He has some strong Libertarian views. He knows what we were and still can be. His Love of Country is plain.

    IMHO? Unless it's Perry? Vote Republican. Any one of rest is a better man than Obama.

    As nice a man as Obama may be. He is a weak POTUS. But, better a weak POTUS and a Republican Congress. Than Perry as POTUS.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Some things about Herman Cain:

    1.) He is a racist, he has publicly stated that we would not hire a Muslim in his administration. He also claims that Europe is under sharia law which is complete bullcrap.


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    2.) He was chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank, the people that are responsible for most of whats gone wrong with the economy. He has corporate interests in mind not the peoples, as is also illustrated in my next point:

    3.) When asked what he thought about the thousands of protesters on wall street and around America he responded "Don't blame wall street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself!" (again this shows he will protect the bankers interests before those of the people.)


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    4.) He personally admitted that his economic plan wont work.


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    I'm sure there is plenty more but this is what i found by looking on youtube for less than 5 minutes.

    Ron Paul remains the only candidate that is honest and has OUR interests at heart. He has REAL solutions to the problems he predicted a decade ago when nobody would listen to him. Lets not make the same mistake twice, Ron Paul knows what he is talking about more than anyone else on the stage and certainly more than anyone on this site.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wow, that's a long question. Herman Cain is trying to show no bigotry as Obama did and continues doing. Cain is an intelligent man who has moral values and loves America. He is not interested in whiners who wants someone else to pick up their slack. He is honest, a Christian and a man trustworthy of what he intends to do when he becomes President. He is the only one on my mind that I would cast a vote for. I will vote for Herman Cain simply because I think he is the one to et our country on line.

    As for your Ron Paul, you must keep in mind he is a Libertarian, they are a bit differet than what we are accustomed to

  • Ken
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    8 years ago

    I will not like Newt's solutions. If you want Reaganomics back again, elect Newt. Here is a man that has no respect for anyone. I put him in the same class as Rush limbaugh. So far I don't like any of them, which means I will write in someone like I did last time.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm voting for Ron Paul

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