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Am I crazy, or have planes been flying super low lately?

I live in Denver, Colorado and lately planes have been flying low. Like... so low I become nervous and prepare for impact. So low I can hear them and it makes my heart race (which is not something I've ever noticed in all my years living here). Why is this happening? I don't live close enough to DIA, or any airport, to make that normal.

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    Please please calm down...if you slip into the mad world of conspiracy lunatics, you'll end up like Polkadot Princess and spell words like "plain rought"...or maybe that's because she's "form Canada"...LOL.

    A look on a Denver sectional chart reveals several alert areas and military operations areas. There's La Veta, Airburst, and Calhan to name a few. Then there's the USAF Academy Bullseye range about 20 nautical miles east of Colorado Springs, and it extends eastward for at least 30 miles or so. I see several alerts on the chart that warn of military training activity. Here...look for yourself:


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    The airplane you're describing and the region of it shows that's in all probability an A-10 Thunderbolt II or as that's affectionately noted as a Wart Hog. The H shape visual appeal comes from the very fact it has at once wings and a couple of very great engines fastened on the brink of the physique of the airplane. They do fly low as their particular purpose is to break Tanks. for the time of the chilly conflict and imminent invaision of the pink military the airplane replace into create to offset the more desirable numbers of Russian tanks. Many have been placed in great Britain with the USAF. It additionally has tail wing with 2 upright wings at the two end. while it turns and dips a wing you're in all probability seeing the H configuration with the long at once wings then the long tail wings with the physique making the relationship of the two, as a result appearing to resemble an H. while first flown interior the previous due 70's early 80's (at evening) they have been in many situations misinterpreted as UFOs because of the fact they're the only fastened wing airplane that would not loose altitude as they turn.

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    I have been noticing commercial planes flying very low lately too and I am not near the airport. That's why I'm looking this up on yahoo to see if anyone else has noticed it too.

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    Not enough info. But from what your telling me I'm gusessing they are military aircraft they fly pretty low as to why your guess is as good as mine.

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  • ya iv noticed that to! one just flew by it was louder that it was a few years ago and i don't even think we live under a plain rought if there is suh a thing. im form canada so its not just ware u r

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    Pretty much crazy

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    You're crazy.

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    I'll just go with crazy.

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