when is PayDay: The Heist releasing on Steam?

When is the release date for the game on Steam? Thanks

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  • 10 years ago
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    Nobody really knows anything except "this month" So definitely by the 31st. Even the developers don't know. Anyone who gives a date is just spreading a rumor or making it up/guessing.

    Source(s): I preordered Sat night.
  • 10 years ago

    all we know is later this month so pick a tues i would guess either 18th or 25th i doubt it will be tomorrow will be out in October for sure though! > pick a tues because its coming out on psn at the same time and they only add stuff on psn on tuesdays!!

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  • 10 years ago

    why pick a tuesday?

    p.s.some websites say its coming out this wedneday?


    IDK If its true though.

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