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I have LOTS of baseball card that my uncle left behind when he past away last year, i have some cards that are even dated back in 1964. What acually date do i look for that's worth anything? Is it on the back on the bottom where it's Topps copywrite 2010 ? OR is it the date when the pic was tooken of that famous person? for example: here i have a card that shows a pic of TY COBB for the DETOIT TIGERS in 1928. and on the back on the bottom it says 2010 the tops company inc. and the next card i have here shows a pic of CHRISTY MATHEWSON played for NEW YORK GIANTS in 1912 it also says on the back at the bottom 2010 the topps company inc. PLEASE will someone help me with these cards? thank you


ALSO, is that the same for FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL as well?

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    the copywrite date is the date you want to look. If the copywrite on any of them are from after they died, they are worth nothing

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    i would NOT sell on ebay. probably not a small bussiness. i would go for a large online store. maybe kruk cards or sports buy.

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