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Where can I buy gaming dice?

I'm looking for the kind of dice that you use to play games like Dungeons & Dragons - they require a lot more then just the standard dice. I got the Dungeons & Dragons books at the local bookstore, but they don't sell the dice that you need to actually play the game!

The dice that I need are a whole bunch of different kinds: 4-sided dice, 6-sided dice (these are the normal ones and I probably have some in board games so they aren't crucial), 8-sided dice, 10-sided dice, 12-sided dice, and 20-sided dice.

The dice are very important to the game and I don't think you can play it without them. Where can I buy dice for gaming? When the store that actually sells the game doesn't have the dice, I'm not sure what to do, and the Dungeons and Dragons books don't actually tell you where you can get the dice.

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    In general you'll find gaming dice for D&D in comic & games stores. RPG dice come individually or in sets -- and the most common set includes one of all of the dice that you mentioned (and the percentile die as well) -- 7-dice sets. Unfortunately many communities don't have a gaming store -- you can do a search for your city + game store to see. But you can also always order your dice online.

    You can buy dice online at which just sells gaming dice and at which sells dice and all kinds of games.

    Awesome Dice is easier to find what you're looking for and has a great selection of sets, but Troll and Toad has a lot more stuff discounted, so you can save a buck or two if they have what you want in stock.

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    Lots of great ideas for online in the answers above mine, but if you do not have a card/gaming store in your area that carries these dice and you don't want to wait for delivery another option is a teacher supply store. I made several educational games for my children and bought all of the different kind of dice you mentioned in the math section. You can by each one kind individually, or they sell sets with several different types of dice in one package.

    Good luck.

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    look in a comic book store, they carry stuff like that.

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    at any hobby shop, or card shop they always have some in stock

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