So, what do you think they look like!?

I'm writing a story about four high school students. I'd like for you to give me a physical description of what you see from the name and a few basics about each one.

Alyssa Dixon. Very popular, but she's smart. She wears pretty sundresses a lot, holey jeans, cute shirts. 17.

Daniel Ryan. Loner. He's very wise.16.

Leslie Evans. Dresses in band t's, jeans.15. She's loud, but insecure. She puts on a front. But no teased hair, semi normal.

James Day. Nerd. Piano prodigy. Really funny.14.


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    Alyssa: Tan with mousey brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes ringed with blue.

    Daniel: Jet black hair that cover his eyes and beautiful blue eyes.

    Leslie: Redhead with curly hair and green eyes.

    James: Blond hair and golden eyes.

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  • 9 years ago

    Alyssa Dixon: A golden blonde, with blue eyes, her lips the color of a pink rose. She has naturally curly hair and hardly ever straightens it.

    Daniel Ryan: Very tall and has black hair that is curly.His eyes are really brown where you would think its black. He is a bit tan and have some Italian in him.

    Leslie Evans: Has medium brown hair that is always straight and mostly wears a ponytail every day. Her eyes are brown and she always wears black sneakers.

    James Day: Is not so tall and really skinny. He has dark brown hair and freckles on his face. He wears really thick old looking glasses everyday at school.

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