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What happens if you don't eat?

Like let's say i didn't eat for a couple of days what would happen, apart from all that anorexic stuff, like losing energy yeah that's an obvious one anything else, i know you'd probbaly get headaches

Like if you don't sleep you get halucinations

*Extra info just incase you're wondering why i ask such a quesiton*

Basically i'm just givven crappy foods which make my digestive system upset, i get diarhoea and stuff and until i'm given something good for me i will not eat, but i kinda now don't want to eat at school or anything i just don't want to eat i'm too upset about all the stress eating gives you like, i'm going to get spots, im going to be malnourished and etc. What's the point i cba and i feel too stressted out wiv school work and feeling lonely that i don't want to eat because if i feel horrid in my emotions i just want to feel horrid physically so i'm not confused with how i feel blegh still i love life, i don't hate life, i'm just going down on a rollercoaster i'm still happy i duno whats happening but who cares anyway what happens if i don't eat

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    you die because depending on how fat you are if you are skinny already then your body will eat your heart but if you have fat on you then you will loose it but you should excercise but then you will gain t back when you start eating again so just eat healthy and excercise....

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    Well, that sounds challenging to try to figure out what to eat when so many foods bother your digestive system. Eating less is OK as long as you are not getting light-headed, have plenty of energy for your daily activities, and are at your ideal weight.

    I would carefully choose the healthiest foods possible. You can get some ideas at my blog if you like. If you start feeling lonely or horrible emotionally, try reading an informative book. Learning new things can give you a boost in life. It's fun and you can learn about improving in whatever area you need to.

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    okay, i'll tell you my experience, i'm about 63 kilos, and i feel like that's too much for my age (16) even at first look i look rather skinny, it's mainly because most of the fat goes to my thighs and butt, but i suck in the fat that goes to my stomach, this makes me a little socially awkward even though i've been told i have a nice body, i never think it's good enough. So i don't eat as much, I go to school and all i eat is a sandwich, no breakfast, that's it, when i come home of course i have to eat dinner with my family but i only ask for a substantially smaller portion, and i usually don't finish that. Over the months i've been doing this, my body has become used to me eating less so i get full easily, but it needs to be constant because if i start eating heaps again, it will be easier for me to gain weight. When you start eating less, your body will bloat up, until it comes in tune with your eating habits, then you will start losing weight, i know people say it's unhealthy, but i haven't had to exercise to lose weight, and i never let my weight get below a healthy weight, i'm aiming for 55kg

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    here's something you should know not eating does not in any way get rid of fat or anything sure you'll skinnier but you'll be very unhealthy and weak and will still have all the fat you had before.

    That means that being annorexic makes your body weaker and unable to do things.

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    You will

    1- Die

    2- If you don't die, cause starvation is like, the worst death, its long, slow, painful.... Then your body wil attack everything you eat and store it as fat in case you are starving again, and it only gets worse.

    3- You will be VERY hungry...

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    just eat healthy and exercise atleast 3 times a week

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    itll be hell. youll get awful headaches and you may pass out. not worth it. you can try eating less, and only eat healthy foods and fruits. stay away from junk food, itll stress you out more and make you more depressed

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    If you dont eat long enough, your body will eat your organs

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    my wife hets angry

    i ken do 3 days, no problem

    Source(s): she ken do 4 hours maybe
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