Baby Name Game! Anyone?

You're nineteen and you think you're in love with your boyfriend. You are brown haired brown eyed and your boyfriend is brown haired blue eyed. What are your names?

On your 20th birthday you take a pregnancy test. It's positive! Nine months later you have fraternal twin boys! They both have brown hair but one has green eyes and the other brown. Their first names start with the same letter and their middle names are unique names.

When the twins are three months old you and your boyfriend split up. Two years later you meet another guy. He's 24 (two years older than you) and has sandy blonde hair and green eyes. What's his name?

When you've been together for five months you fall pregnant. You are both thrilled and decide to have a quick wedding before they're born. You have twins again! A boy and a girl. They both have blonde hair brown eyes. Their first names are the names of your choice and the middle names are yours and your husband's parents names combined.

Two years later when you're kids are 2 and 3 you fall pregnant again! This time it's a little girl on her own. Her first name begins with D and her middle name is after your grandma. She has blonde hair and green eyes like her dad.

Four years later and you think you're done with having kids but you fall pregnant again! This time it's triplets! Two girls and a boy. The girls have RED hair! (and blue eyes) You're so suprised you ask your mother if anyone in your family has red hair and it turns out your mothers grandmother did. The boy has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. You want them all to be different so all their names start with different letters and are no where near close to eachother and their middle names are colors.

Finally you get your tubes tied but 5 years later you miss having little babies so you adopt a newborn girl and boy from Guatemala. Their names are common in their country and their middle names are "short and sweet" American names.

As if your kids don't have enough siblings to play with you get a dog to keep all of them busy. What kind of dog? And what is its name?

Sorry guys, I know its kind of long. I understand if you don't finish it. LOL. But hope you had fun!

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  • tay
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    8 years ago
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    Kaitlyn Marie Louis (34) & Isaac James Anderson (34)

    -Logan Floyd Anderson and Lucas Keller Anderson (14)

    Kaitlyn Marie West (34) & Ryan Christopher West (36)

    -Vivian Sarie West & Elliot Kale West (11)

    -Delilah Kay West (9)

    -Clara Violet West, Audrey Indigo West, and Dean Greyson West (5)

    -Maria Jane West and Julian Tom West (NB)

    Kaitlyn & Ryan

    Logan, Luke, Vivi, Elliot, Lilah, Clara, Audrey, Dean, Maria, and Julian.

    Source(s): t
  • 8 years ago

    1) I'm Livvyy Jay C. and he's Carlton Robert H.

    2) Rory Xavier & Rome Kian.

    3) Matthew Neil H.

    4) Kamden Jay & Oliver Neil.

    5) Darla Christine.

    6) Jacob Teal, Winter Ebony & Talisa Scarlett.

    7) Eliza Leah.

    8) Rottweiler named Kiaza.

  • 8 years ago

    Natalie Leona ______ Fares

    William Spencer Fares

    Mason Tucker Fares & Matthew Ryder Fares

    Tristan Greggory Hampton

    Logan Christopher Hampton & Lily Elizabeth Hampton

    Danielle Margaret Hampton

    Avery Scarlett Hampton, Lydia Violet Hampton, & Colin Azul Hampon

    Cristina Ava Hampton & Zavier Luke Hampton

    Beagle named Raleigh

    Will, Mason, Matt, Logan, Lily, Dani, Avery, Lydia, Colin, Crissy, & Zavier

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Tori Mae and Jacob Tyler

    Aiden Ezra and Adam Braden

    Patrick Eli

    Eliana Georgia Rose and Elijah David Henry

    Daniella Willow

    Shaina Orange, Mackenzie Pink and Jake Red

    Adabella Aila and Adelio Amari

    Tori xx

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. I'm Florence Rose, he's Harry Isaac

    2. YAY! Matthew Jake (brown eyes) and Maxwell Henry (green).

    3. Thomas John

    4. Madeline Julia and James Martin

    6. Danielle 'Elle' Rose

    7. Evelyn Scarlett, Sophia Jade, Oliver Jett.

    8. Alejandra 'Alexa' May and Adrian Jay

    9. A dalmatian or a labrador called Bud

  • 8 years ago

    My name- Andrea Callie

    My boyfriend- Everett Cody

    Twin boys- Brody Trenton and Bentley Zane

    My husband- Blaine Mitchell

    Twins- Peyton Bridget and Maximus Andrew

    Girl- Devyn Anne

    Triplets- Audrina Rose, Gracyn Ruby, and Maverick Slate

    Adopted- Eliza Marie and David James

    Dog- Beagle named Madden

  • 8 years ago

    Travis Ian Smith and Destiny Emma Johnson.

    Carlos Desean and Corey Dejuan Johnson.

    Hudson Matteo Williams.

    Laurence Anthony and Marlena Nelly Williams.

    Danyelle Maria Williams.

    Eddy Ash, Astrid Amethyst, and Tiarra Azure Williams.

    Alejo Ken and Adelaida Mari Williams.

    A lab named Jody.

    Source(s): Travie and Dessi have Carl and Corey Johnson. Hudson and Dessi have Larri, Marlena, Dannie, Ed, AA, Tiarra, Al, and Addy Williams.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1.) Brooke and Josh.

    2.) Camden Brackson and Carson Sage.

    3.) Greg.

    4.) Trenton Vaul and Trina Cohn.

    5.) Daisy Ruth.

    6.) Jenna Rose, Faith Violet, and Damian Hunter.

    7.) Princesa Marie and Carlo Mitch.

    7.) A weenie dog named Trixie.

    Source(s): Me(:
  • Lola C
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    8 years ago

    Ella Janine and Zachary Bennett

    Simon and Solomon

    Rose Tara and Benjamin Charlie

    Dahlia Jane

    Cecilia Lavender, Phoebe Violet and William Blue

    Lea Ann and Adrian James

  • 8 years ago

    1. Loren Rose Alba & Finley James Hastings.

    2. Jack Cornelius Alba-Hastings & Judge Valentin Alba-Hastings

    3. Gabriel Theo Kingsleigh

    4. Lyric Julianne Alba-Kingsleigh & Floyd Erico Alba-Kingsleigh

    5. Dulce Alessandra Alba-Kingsleigh

    6. Echo Jade Alba-Kingsleigh, Fable Rose Alba-Kingsleigh & Rome Crimson Alba-Kingsleigh

    7. Flor Ever Alba-Kingsleigh & Julio Neo Alba-Kingsleigh

    8. A male Golden Retriever named Lakers.

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