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Should America cut off aid to Pakistan?

I have to do a speech on it. And if anyone could give me a reason/reasons why we should aid Pakistan and or why we shouldn't aid Pakistan

Any answer would help alot

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    1-How many terrorist Pakistan has caught & killed up till now, countless; certainly more than all NATO combine!!!

    2-Pakistan has suffered more civilian and military casualties than all NATO combine,

    3-and it economy has been hammered severely due to this war which is now over a decade long,

    4-Can USA really have an outside of winning anywhere without Pakistan on board?

    Conclusion: USA will sooner or later will leave Afghanistan, India will have its allies & RAW in Afghanistan & Afghanistan is our neighbor, Pakistan will have to stay here with these people so Pakistan must have its sympathizers in Afghanistan as well, and having contacts with them (contacts do not mean support), like CIA has contacts with such people & behind the door on going negotiations!!!

    Does USA thinks that Pakistan is either Afghanistan or Iraq?

    What do you think?

    *-*-*-* Pakistan is facing two enemies Taliban with Al-Qaida involve in suicide bombing, attacks on schools, Mosques etc and USA killing us through drones and now a potential attack *-*-*-*

    1 week ago

    USA does not share its success with Pakistan but hold Pakistan full responsible for its failures in Afghanistan, in reality Pakistani intelligence was the starting point to killed Usama Bin Laden, Senior Al Qaeda commander Younis al Mauritani was caught by Pakistan but USA ahhh…..

    *-*-*-* Relevant links *-*-*-*

    To eradicate Terrorism, we must........

    World, Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden & his death. (Sum up of the whole topic)

    Drone attacks & what Pakistan has got from "War on terror"?

    Source(s): Twitter: @SyedArbabAhmed 4m Karachi, Pakistan
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  • 9 years ago

    America need to change its policy when it comes in any kind of aid in the hands of corrupt, double face rulers of pakistan.they really are cheaters and liars.specially the present ruler zardari.

    instead giving the aid in cash it would have been so nice if America invest that money for building schools hospitals and educating the female population to raise a better generation,that will love America and americans for their generosity. only top 1200 politicians of pakistan who rule on 18 crore pakistanis,have the most luxurious life in pakistan with all the American aid dollars and poor people have gone in to more poverty since this corrupt gov take over. this man came as the president of pakistan with fake votes.

    no fresh water,no food, no electricity. no medicine,no proper shelter,no security of life,lawlessness,people are living worse than animals in that country.people of pakistan begging for Basic needs of life, and this man is living just like Osama bin Laden use to live in hide.he do not want to face the people.

    i wish some day a brand new real honest person with a kind heart and fear of God will be elected and then Pakistan will stand up as a prosperous nation on the world map. and that will be a trustworthy Pakistan.

    Source(s): my own thoughts and feelings
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  • Alex G
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Yes. Aid should be given only to countries who respect the US and obey orders. If they insist on independence they shouldn't stretch their corrupt government hands for alms. It's a user pays world. The US has been irresponsible with aid to countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt and Israel. A good example of US aid working for US interests and the interests of the peoples' receiving it is post WWII aid to Germany and Japan.

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  • 9 years ago

    Please read carefully: No one in Pakistan like the so called aid other than handful of corrupt politicians (who are also allocated along with the aid). It is shoved upon Pakistan in order to enforce policies. People of Pakistan prefer "Trade" instead of "Aid". Do try to study the "true" history and mindset the people of Pakistan if possible (one good book is "The Pakish Identity" to understand the situation). Good luck

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  • 9 years ago

    If the main purpose of that aid is in fact to increase our national security, then the answer is yes, because there is no evidence that aid to Pakistan has produced any net increase in our security. If we are talking about the nonmilitary portion of the aid, then the question becomes whether it has produced any net improvement in the well being of the Pakistani population, and also whether indirectly this has resulted in a nation whose interests are more closely aligned with ours. Pakistan is a populous country with nuclear weapons, and its one whose internal stability is important to American commercial interests. I would be leery of cutting off aid if it would increase the danger of putting an unstable government in place.

    Source(s): No specific source. My analysis of foreign policy issues is based in a large part on having read verbatim transcripts of debates in British Parliament for the years 1812-1822.
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  • 9 years ago

    Yes. There is no Constitutional authority for aid of any manner to any nation.

    But individuals should be free to donate as much as they wish.

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  • 9 years ago

    YES...their two faced attitude...they SUPPORT TERRORISTS with the money we send them

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  • 9 years ago

    yes they should

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