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How do you say in japanese?

Town/village, to sing, to fight, war, sword, up, down, farm black (the color). Need to know pronunciation.

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    town/village is machi, to sing is utau o shimasu, to fight is kenka o shimasu, war is senso, sword is ken or one you hear often is katana, up is ue, down is shita, farm is harukani and black is kuro...something wrong with the first answer is that the person didn't put the "particle" for the verb. in japanese the particle is very important

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    Machi, Utau suru, Tatakau suru, Sensou, Ken, Ue, Shita, Kokushoku (Couldn't translate farm-black so I just put black..)

    All words are in order of which you originally wrote :)

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