Opinions on the name Avonlea?

What do you think of the name Avonlea? It's pronounced av-on-lee (the beginning is like avenue). I really love it, but I'm worried people might pronounce it Avon-leah; and I am not changing the spelling, that is not an option.


The thing is, it's from Anne of Green Gables, so anyone that has read it or seen the movie will know how to say it. It's not like no one will ever know how to say her name.

Update 2:

That book is considered by many a classic. Many people still read the books.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Haha, my immediate thought was Anne of Green Gables. I loved those books!

    As a 14 year old girl, i can tell you that 90% of the people around my age would not know who Anne of Green Gables is. Only a few would make the connection, because children don't want to read about that sort of thing. As a child, she might have a lot of trouble with telling people how her name is pronounced and spelled.

    I think a lot of people would pronounce it Avon-leah, because that's how it looks. If i didn't know Anne of Green Gables, that would be how i'd say it. It's a lovely name, though, but not to my taste. Ask a few of your friends how they would pronounce it, and see if it will be a problem. If the pronunciation bothers you, she could go by a nickname (I love Ava), or use it as a middle name? I prefer the name Avalon, which is similar.

    Best wishes!

  • 9 years ago

    I think of Avonlea as a place

    Its kind of like naming your kid Florida

    It will always be a place to me and never a name, if you know what I mean?

    I can see why you like it, but I dont think its a very suitable name

    And I agree, anyone who has not seen Anne Of Green Gables wont pronounce it right,

    Which will get annoying, fast.

  • 9 years ago

    Its iffy for me. As soon as I saw it, I was wondering whether it was A-von or Ah-von...I think it would be so annoying to walk through life with people forever mispronouncing my name. That just gets old. It also seems more like the name of a small town or a last name.

    EDIT: That book was published in 1908, so its not like its a part of modern society even if many HAVE read it.

  • 9 years ago

    I think the name is so so... I just don't think it flows very nicely. Also, it may be hard for her in school, because people probably will pronounce it incorrectly. I have had to deal with that my whole life and trust me, it's not fun.

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  • Panda
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    9 years ago

    It's a bit too out-there for my taste. It sounds like you're trying too hard to be original.

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