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Need a Coffee Shop Business Plan?

I need a Coffee Shop Business Plan for newly established business to enhance the value of my business... thanks

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    You can find alot of free sample designed business plan and SWOT analysis templates using googling. I have selected couple of free templates for you...

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    Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

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    Everybody on here is suggesting that this person who is going to work in his Friends Coffee Shop just needs a Deodorant ? He probably does, but nobody has suggested that this person must have a change of Clothes every Day. Perhaps New Shirts with the Shop Logo on them,he will need more than 1. Obviously he will not be the only Member of Staff working in this Coffee Shop so they could all be wearing either {depending if there is going to mixed Staff M&F} Shirts for Men and Blouses for Women with the Logo on the Pocket. They must all be told to look Smart at all times,especially if the Shop is Up-Market it's a must. and not a Local Greasy Spoon type Establishment,where they wear a Teacloth around thier Waist as an Apron. Just make sure that when all the Staff are together they are all told about Personal Hygene too, can I suggest you leave a few Deodorants in both Ladies and Gents Locker Rooms to start off with, or even thier own Toilets with Hand Basins. Most importantly, make sure they all have an up to date Health and Hygene Certificate otherwise the local Council will come down on your Friend like a Ton of Bricks. Hope your Friend doe's well in his New Venture.

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    In order to do that we need to more . . .

    Like is this intended to be a boutique coffee shop; a indoor/outdoor cafe

    Exactly where are you considering locating?

    You need a S.W.O.T. analysis - what will be the strengths of your shop - based on what features - fresh ground coffee - specialty blends - price - ancillary products what?

    The what will be your weaknesses - these can be many hurdles that you need to overcome with a differentiator to get people to see you as being different and the main reason why to come to you.

    What are the opportunities out there in the general marketplace and the marketplace where you are looking to open up whether it be in a mall - or a bricks and mortar location that has one or more drive-thrus or just a cafe on the street or an indoor/outdoor coffee shop

    Then what possibly could threaten your business - from increase in coffee prices - the competition remedying their weaknesses to running out of capital before you drive a new customer base.

    There are so many existing business models - arguably Tim Hortons from Canada - if you not had the pleasure has the best business model as they attract the complex spectrum of the socio-economic classes and groups with regularity.

    However, it is a fact that McDonalds actually sells the most coffee in the world - but that really is a function of having the most locations versus a function of having a good product or a solid customer base.

    Starbucks proves there are people that buy a product only as a social status item - and not wanting to rub shoulders with the average American/Canadian.

    Where you locate means allot too. For example Canadians drink more coffee than their American counterparts - where it is deemed Seattle is the coffee capital in the U.S. - Hamilton, Ontario - home of the Hamilton Tiger Cats - is the coffee capital of Canada - and ona per capita basis - the largest consumer of coffee in the world - the home base of Tim Hortons.

    Canadians were tea tottlers until Tim Hortons made coffee the drink du jour from consistent marketing to the end-users - arguably as frequent and consistent as McDonalds that has systematically entrenched the brand name.

    So building a business plan - starts with a vision - on how you will be different based upon a service delivery of your product and based upon your location how you are going to roll it out - even a vending machine distribution needs business plan of execution.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Need a Coffee Shop Business Plan?

    I need a Coffee Shop Business Plan for newly established business to enhance the value of my business... thanks

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  • 9 years ago has a sample Coffee Kiosk business plan that you may want to check. It may be along the lines of the business you are thinking, and you may see how a business plan for this business could look like

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