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    Dear Anonymous to write an essay 150 words on behalf of you----------

    Advantage of a can fly might be:- A time saving technic for me to fly from HK to Shanghai direct! It is money-saving device because the flying machine costs a lot.the energy saving technic to save air pollution and petrol consumtion is definitely enviromental friendly! I have shown myself brillantly by jetting down correctly like a spaceship positioning!

    Why flying demanded?Most birds fly in HK .American Vulture flies to do buz with no feathers on their body and live! Its more than walk down the road in NT. I shall see ,listen,shout more.with no traffic-jam and save energy because I control the flight. Ascending by staying in air,God has kindly made me possible to fly.With two wings,it is perfect for me as a human being!Moving thru the air as a bird does,I behave like an aircraft does!

    How to use it? Travelling to Shanghai to do buz,I can take off by flapping wings,raising,hovering,and gliding .Gliding down to the destination like Superman,I deliver my speech and do buz successfully! If buz enemy seen,I can attack by flying at him!

    I realize also the special features of our flying demand more than 150 words and leave to your discretion!

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