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My new latop crashed.?

i got a new acer aspire 7551 and on the 2nd day of owning i got a driver crash error then a blue screen... i restarted comp and after login it was Just a black screen. now its working fine after i restarted again.. ive not went on any weird sites to get viruses or anything i just downloaded steam games... any iedas why this happened??? should i return it and get a new 1??? or was it just a random problem.


it seems to be fine now but like its only the 2nd day.. but i have been useing it alot!

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    My suggestion is that if possible get a replacement. Steam and all of its default components are completely virus free, so no need to worry there. Also I would be careful about what websites you think are "legit" because things like "Weather bug" are more of a pain than they are useful. If for some reason they will not replace it just kinda watch for some weird symptoms of abnormality.

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    I would say get a new one if you can. I am a computer technician, and I would if I were U I mean its not that big of a deal since its working, but in the 2nd day I mean come on.

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