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Traditional Gender Roles and The Military?

I'm set to leave for the Navy in January, I was raised in a home where traditional gender roles were very mug enforced. It was never anything crazy I was taught to be sure that men treated me fairly and with respect but I was also taught that the women were supposed to be cook and clean and take care of the family. The men were supposed to provide and protect.

The thing is I'm really okay with this. I love to cook and Im one of the oldest of 7 children and I've gotten very used to taking care of kids. Navy runs in my family's blood; every single man in my family has been for the past 5 generations. I'll be the first woman to be in the service. The only reason why my father and other family member even approve is because they look at it as me taking care of thousand of men and serving the ones whom serve our country. And I agree. But here's the question;

Can I keep having these types of thoughts while in the service or will all the other women hate me? At DEP meetings I met a girl that told me she was going to be a Seabee and I had to hold my tongue to make sure I didn't insult her by saying "that's a mans job". I'm not saying that I believe in traditional gender roles in a severe 1901 way where women shouldn't work and the man can beat the women when ever she wants or anything crazy like that. I actially believe all house wifes are lazy and should be able to handle working and caring for the home. But women from the beginning of history have been the support system and men the defenders.

I'm just looking for opinions on traditional gender roles and the military.

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    Although i can give an opinion on your personal beefs, as they are your believes and you are entitled to them.

    I can tell you though, that you will have a VERY hard time. I see the men in your unit taking advantage of you, and your boyfriend of three month proposing to you, and you being miserable.

    You also need to consider that fact that you WILL deploy. How could you be a mother, or take care of a home if you are gone 8 months of the year?.. I'm not trying insult you, but women in the military have it harder than men because of traditional roles.

    Although you do sound like the perfect wife, I feel sorry for you because you have no idea what your getting yourself into. I'm not trying to change your mind, just give you something to think about.

    Source(s): 8 years in the USMC. father of three, married.
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    "Traditional roles" are pretty much not traditional any more and have almost no place in this country; women are running companies, getting degrees, and doing a SLEW of 'man' roles at a faster rate than ever before. These 'roles didn't even exist in the military from what I saw. You might want to hold your tongue your whole enlistment and it's a good thing that you did WHEN you did. If some female had told me "that's a man's job" when I told her what I'd planned to do, I would've flipped-and I know that my fellow female Marines feel the same way. That's great that you are and want to be a "traditional" woman, and that you enjoy doing a lot of things that women nowadays don't have time for...but you need to think long and hard about the military being the place for you b/c it's anything but traditional.

    EDIT: A Touch of Reality-your answer made me smile-a woman after my own heart! Wherever you are, take care and be safe!

    Source(s): female Marine 2005-2010
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    No, I disagree with a passion and would like to point out that your statement is a huge contradiction in itself. The little one is you believe in traditional gender roles yet you think stay at home moms are lazy (Hmm). Now the big one and I'm turning it into a statement if you are a female that believes in traditional gender roles, then the military is not for you. The military is a mans world and if a female is going to go into it they better be able to play the role as a man.

    You also may want to check your history, though the number is extremely small there has been females in combat (yes actually fighting) in every war.

    Oh and I'm a female in the Seabees and please don't hold back. Seabee females have tough skin and in the end will probably turn around insult you and make you cry.

    @Antoinette0426: Thank you, I appreciate it and same to you.

    Source(s): You are entitled to your opinion but becareful whose throat you shove it down.
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    yes you are going to have problems. there is no place for a gurly girl. ultra feminine type in the military.

    you will be a SAILOR. not a female, not a girl, not a woman. a SAILOR. as such you will be expected to do everything required of you without whinging that it is a man's job. as such when it comes time for an UNREP you will be hauling on lines and schlepping pallets of canned goods. when it comes time for Sweepers you WILL be hauling trash bags down the gangway onto the pier dumpster

    you will not gain any respect from your peers by voicing such opinions. and your supervisors will not be happy if you try and wiggle your way out or act like a diva

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    Housework can be hard too! Truly though women can be feminist or not that's why we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Some men are better than women at things and some women are better than guys at things. Don't think that there aren't any really tough women out there because there are, seriously or we wouldn't have women in the Marines hah.

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    I like gender roles. Something comfortable about it that I can't really explain, though I do miss 1901 sometimes when it was Dat Ankle, instead of Dat ***

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    I actually agree.

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