How do Orthodontists close gaps?


I have had my braces now for one month. Tomorrow is my follow up appointment since I got them. I was wondering how orthodontist start closing gaps. When I was getting my braces put on, I was told that at my next appointment they would start closing my gaps (one large one between my two front teeth and a few between my top row teeth.) How is it that orthodontist start to close the gaps?

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    9 years ago
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    for 4-6 weeks, he will use a nickel-titanium wire, in order to get teeth on the same occlusal plane (get them even) and to straighten them out some.

    then at this appointment he will more than likely use a stainless steel wire and attach this wire on top of the nickel titanium wire on the brackets and he will tighten it up really good so that they are forced to move toward each other. eventually, this will loosen up the ligaments around your teeth and your teeth will SLOWLY start to move closer together. remember, ortho treatment takes time! in order for it to be really effective, be patient! lol

    *and remember to wear your retainer when your treatment is over. i didn't and i regret it! i'll probably be getting braces again!

    Source(s): i am in my third year of dental school
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