what is good digital audio workstation?

i want to make a side project

a pop electronica band (:

but idk any good digital audio workstation

i heard fruit loops is good but i want to know of any others o:

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  • Kato
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    9 years ago
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    other top ones that you find in the industry is Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Cakewalk Sonar, or Reason. Oh yea... and protools.

    The best is Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro, hands down. Though they all have a following and you can easily find their online community and help to get you started.

    Fruity Loops is very good because of its price... it is not as powerful a work machine as Apple Logic Pro or Ableton Live. The average prices are $500.00 with Fruity Loops coming in at around 200 and Ableton Live's top offering (ableton Live suite) rounding in close to $800.

    My best suggestion for you though is whatever fits within your budget. There's a ton of videos on the net about how to use Fruity Loops so that'll be helpful. But it is an investment and they upgrade the product every year or so (and upgrades only cost a fraction of what you bought the original workstation for) so whether you choose to go big with Ableton (500 regularly) or small with Fruity Loops, they are all very competitive and offer a decent work station right out of the box. Also.. it is not the studio software you choose but the VST (Virtual Studio Tech) that'll really get you ahead. VST's allow you to customize your sound any way you want and every electronic artist uses it to add depth to their bass, give their music an airy quality of space, give their leads a potent bite and their pads an atmospheric effect. Some of the top ones in the industry are NI Massive, FXpansion Strobe, Cakewalk Z3ta, and Logic ES2. Their prices are usually 200 bucks... but there are some decent VST that you can get for free... look around online or read the reviews of the following free vst's to see which one might work for you.


    And for tips on how to make your music sound good by studying the pro's:


    and the basics:


    Good luck mate!

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