♂ Pick your top 5 boy names out of these?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

-- Adam Gregory

-- Alexander Thomas

-- Andrew Jonathan

-- Christopher Michael

-- Connor William

-- Evan Christopher

-- Jacob Scott

-- James Andrew

-- Jonathan Robert

-- John Alexander

-- Joshua David

-- Kevin Walter

-- Matthew James

-- Michael Joshua

-- Nicholas David

-- Robert Jacob

-- Samuel Thomas

-- Sean Alexander

-- William Connor

-- Zachary Kevin


Please explain WHY you chose the names you did. Most detailed answer = 10 points!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Adam Gregory-It sound classy. Adam sounds as if it is a well mannered boy, and has good class. Gregory sounds as it it were a very high ranking name. Adam and Gregory together sound very nicely suited with touch of class.

    Alexander Thomas- It sound adventurous and rather classy. Alexander sounds as if it were mischievous, and always had a hunger for for adventure, and sounds like a boy who would conquer great things in like. Thomas sounds as if he has come from a high class family, and if he were double layered, and was mischievous yet a very elegant gentlemen.

    Nicholas David- It is just like Alexander Thomas, but more on the classy side. Nicholas soundveryymischievousus, but sounds like a lot of class too. The David seems very classy, and balances out the Nicholas, giving it a rather classy tone with just a touch omischiefve and adventure.

    Sean Alexander- This one sounds like a total rebel. Sean is in its owindescribableluniquenessss, with a hint omischiefve. The Alexander adds to it. It sound like a uniqumischievousus individual, who grows up to be very successful.

    And Last, Zachary Kevin. Zachary sound very adventurousus and sneaky. It sound as if the rebel had strong passion fomischiefve, and loved to cause trouble, and as if he is good with the ladies. The kevin makes it sound as if he were a very loving guy. Meaning he is vermischievousus, but deep inside he is soft, and doet not have bad intentions.

  • 9 years ago

    Jacob Scott.

    William Connor.

    Alexander Thomas.


    The reasons i chose these names are pretty simple. I actually like most of the names on your list but the reason i didn't choose them is because they are quite common in my area, so i tended to associate the names with people I know who are named those names. The three i have picked i do really like a lot though.

    Jacob Scott - These two names together make rather a cool combination together. I've always like Jacob, there is just something about the way it rolls of the tongue when its spoken. Scott is a name which can literally go with any other name, so these two names flow lovely.

    William Connor - Strong, classic and perfectly suitable for a baby and a fully grown adult. It's a flawless pairing really. I think the nicknames Will or Liam are equally nice and Connor, while it might be growing in popularity, its still a nice decent name.

    Alexander Thomas - I've been finding my self loving Alexander a lot lately. I do know a lot of boys called Thomas but i think its the kind of name that never ever gets old. Alexander is gorgeous and the nicknames are nice too - Alex which is quite common but then there is Xander which i adore.

    --- ♥

  • 9 years ago

    ~ Andrew Jonathan

    ~ Connor William

    ~ John Alexander

    ~ Matthew James

    ~ Joshua David


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    9 years ago

    Alexander Thomas

    Christopher Matthew

    Connor William

    Matthew James

    William Connor

    Alex, Chris, Con, Matt, Will

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  • 9 years ago

    • James Andrew: This is EXACTLY what I want to name my son. My favorite name is James and Andrew is my bother's name :)

    • Nicholas David: Both names are super cute. I love Nicholas and David is somewhat of a family name to me.

    • William Connor: It sounds good together and I love William with the nickname Will :)

    • Evan Christopher: Evan is one of my favorite names and I like Christopher too :)

    • Alexander Thomas: Two classic names that flow together :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Evan Christopher

    William Connor

    Alexander Thomas

    Samuel Jacob

    They are cute, have good NN, are biblical, flow well, and are traditional but modern, if you get me!

    Least Fave: Nicholas David

    James Andrew

    Sean Alexander

    Jonathan Robert

    Although i like Alexander and Robert, the others seem a bit too old fashioned.

    My Combos :

    Samuel Evan

    Alexander William

    Zachary Thomas

    Connor Joshua

    They are cute!

    Source(s): Good NameS!
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1.zachary kevin:I love the letter z! I don't know why!! Lol and I think the names zachary and kevin go together good!

    2.jacob scott; I had a good friend named jacob and I just love that name!! ^_^

    3.kavin walter: ok I seriously have no really good reason for this it just has a nice ring to it! Hello kevin walter ke-vi-n wa-l-terj

    4.john alexander: john jacob jinglehighmerschmit!!.......idk I had to say that! I like this name!! And alexander is an epic name!!!

    5,nicholas david: I have an uncle name nicholas and the name nicholas david just sounds.........EPIC

    Source(s): MY 11 YEAR OLD MIND
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alexander Thomas - Handsome, classic

    Connor William - This is sweet, I like Connor, because it's irish like me

    Evan Christopher - This is handsome, ages well

    Samuel Thomas - Just a lovely combo

    Sean Alexander - Sean is Irish..So...And alexander is handsome

    I also LOVE Zachary Kevin

    All the names on that list are classics, handsome, they age well, and they're just lovely names

    I also love Joshua!

  • 9 years ago

    Alexander Thomas

    James Andrew

    Joshua David

    Matthew James

    Samuel Thomas

    These were the names that stood out for me and flowed the best. Matthew James is currently on my list, so that was a huge favourite. They all sound very handsome and like they aged really well. Alexander Thomas is another particular favourite of mine.



  • 9 years ago

    1. Jacob Scott - Love both names and i have both on my favorite boy name list. I have Jacob James and Nathan Scott as combos.

    2. Joshua David - I have this combo on my favorite boy name list.

    3. Alexander Thomas - Love both names and i have both on my favorite boy name list. I have Justin Alexander and Avan Thomas as combos.

    4. Christopher Michael - Love both names and i have both on my favorite boy name list. I have

    Dylan Christopher and Blake Michael as combos.

    5. Evan Christopher - Love both names and i have both on my favorite boy name list. I have Evan Samuel as a combo.


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