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Bypass Catalytic Converters on 95 STS?

Can I Bypass Catalytic Converters on my 95 STS, the car has dual mufflers on it so would i be ok removing the cat.

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    If you remove the Cats you wont pass emissions testing. Its illegal to do. Removing them raises emissions and your O2 sensors will read that causing a check engine light and poor engine performance. When the O2 sensor reads all of the extra emissions the PCM will send less fuel to the engine which causes lack of power. Instead you could put high-flow Catalytic Converters. This will make your exhaust louder and less restricted. To the guy who says it wont affect performance your wrong unless the vehicle wasnt made with downstream O2 sensors.

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    No, not Ok. The Cats are there for a reason. Bypassing would likely fail your state inspection.

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    Not legally unless you want to risk going to jail. It is a federal offense to tamper with the cat on a vehicle other than to replace a faulty one.

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