what are DOWN SYNDROME people like?

I am 24 and I just graduated from college.I found out from the doctors that my baby will have down syndrome and I am having my baby in 1 week.Are they good people? Are they well-behaved?

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    People with Down syndrome are not all the same. But it is extremely common for people with Down syndrome to have very very loving personalities. There are 117 possible characteristics of Down syndrome. Some almost every person with Down syndrome has and other few have.

    Most have:

    Eyes with epicantal folds- this is why they used to be called Mongoloids. This just makes their eyes look different. Some have brushfield spots - this is just like gold glitter in their iris.

    Far sighted. Many little children (with Down syndrome) wear glasses, but most of them stop needing them when they are older. Their eyes just take longer to develop. All babies are born farsighted.

    Flat nasal bridge. This makes their noses a bit wide, but nothing more.

    Small, lower set ears. Not even that noticeable.

    Small wide hands. Crooked little finger. A simian crease across their palm - a straight crease instead of a curved crease - some people without Down syndrome have this too.

    Extra wide space between big toe and second toe. No foot arch. Some kids learn to walk a bit later, but unless they have another disability they all learn to walk. A lot of kids need foot orthotics - no big deal.

    Thick necks.

    Floppy muscle tone. Their muscles just don't have the capacity to be firm. I know a guy who weight lifts daily with a trainer - he is a lean machine - but still soft baby pudge all over.

    Thyroid problems, especially as adults. This is why many people with Down syndrome are overweight. They have slow metabolisms.

    Gastrointestinal issues. Some have difficulty with digestion. Can be prone to constipation when they are younger.

    Speech and articulation problems. Small mouth and a large tongue make it difficult to learn to speak.

    Intellectual disability. This varies, but most people with Down syndrome can learn to read on a 3rd grade level and do simple math.

    All except the last is true of my 28 year old son. My son has a more severe case of Down syndrome than many because his was complicated by also being born addicted to cocaine. My son is the joy of my life. He is a generous, funny, helpful, kind, and very social person. He always went to regular school. He has always had too many friends to count. He has his own business. He goes to college and take cooking classes. He has a girlfriend.

    My son at 28 has just started to learn to read and do math. It is actually a miracle he is doing that because of being born addicted to cocaine he is missing bits of his brain needed to learn to read or do math.

    It is less common, but does happen often that kids with Down syndrome will be born with major heart defects. My son had a minor one and outgrew it without needing surgery. Some kids do need surgery and a VERY few kids don't survive it. Some kids get a form of child leukemia. Again most kids survive it. I know a 20 month old right know getting chemo and she is doing really well. There is a spinal deformity some kids get. I've known hundreds of kids with Down syndrome and I have not yet met one with it. This is really only a problem if a child is very athletic. The other thing is that a lot of kids have hearing issues and need hearing aids.

    This all may sound scary, but all these things are things you can learn to deal with. Most babies with Down syndrome are healthy babies who smile more than most babies. I think raising a child with Down syndrome is one of the greatest joys you can have.

    Also so you know...nothing you did caused this to happen. It was just the luck of the draw. My son's birth mother was 17 when he was born. People think only older mothers have babies with Down syndrome and this just isn't true.

    If you want to talk to me or my son - send us an email and I'll send you our phone number. We have a wonderful life together and I am sure you and your baby will too. Congratulations!

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    Down's Syndrome

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    Depends on you. You are the parent and you will be raising Him. The children I met with Down's Syndrome are such sweet children and if they have behaviors that might be a little off it may be due to the disability or even the environment and the parenting too.

    Love the child and he/she will love you back

    PS it's not Down Syndrome people. It's "people with Down Syndrome" see the person not the disability :)

    I'm still learning about Down Syndrome and Disabilities in my education field and I still have a lot to learn, but from what I've seen and learned so far, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but you love that little baby of yours no matter what :)

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    People with Down syndrome, some prefer intellectual disability, the wording is different with each parent and person, are friendly, kind, generous, and fun it all depends on their personality. Every person and child with Down syndrome are different though. They are not all the same in temperament. Some may be quiet and calm then some may be very outgoing and social. There are many websites for parents who are searching for support and help on the Internet. One is www.Uno Mas 21 Online. Another one is National Association for Down Syndrome. You will find much help there.

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    Downs Syndrome people have certain facial characteristics and are developmentally delayed. As a Baby the child will walk later and talk later, it will be difficult to potty train but the child can be taught. Some people with this condition are more higher functioning then others . And yes they are wonderful people .Very nice and giving. So nice that they are easily taken advantaged of.So the person needs to learn boundaries

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    you need to contact other parents of downs children. they will tell you that each child is different and individual with varying degrees of intellectual disabilities. some are able to walk and talk some are not. i would advise you to speak to your doctor again and ask for support groups and more information. the answers you were given in the other categories are incorrect and disturbing to say the least.

    dan h - people who have downs syndrome are not patients, this only applies if they have an illness that requires medical intervention just like everyone else in society.

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    Ohh man... it will be hard life...

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