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What is the Amanda Knox case about?

Did she murder someone or something? Was she framed?

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    The Amanda Knox case proves that SEX SELLS. Tawdry and salacious facts steered the whole story.

    It's about a lying skank who probably ganged up on her roommate and "taught her a lesson" After they killed her she probably resumed having the sex that was interrupted when they were doing the bloodthirsty stabbing. She is such a miscreant, she probably had sex in the room they killed Meredith in. Even after authorities were alerted, all she

    could do was kiss her boyfriend and stand around while the cops wasted her make-out time with their inconvenient murder. At the police station she was so unaffected she did cartwheels in the station. She is in the running for the Casey Anthony Compassion-Empathy Award.

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