We still remember you Kitty Kallen & little things still do mean a lot.?

I know this is not a question as the format is slated. But anyone who truly loves music has little control over the inspiration it wells up in them. I’m a singer, musician & songwriter. I have loved music all my life. I will withhold my real name, it is well known and I don’t like publicity much. I just want to say that the songs I’ve heard from you are so touching that little from today or yesterday can compare to them. Kitty, you have something that’s indescribable… so must people just usually refer to it as magic for lack of a better word. I’m addicted to most of your stuff, but especially, “Little things mean a lot.” People seem to have forgotten how simple true and lasting love really is, it’s more effortless if it’s real. Music of today wants to make it complex, but in reality, it’s only more complex if it’s difficult. I love the way your song expressed how the little things mean a lot. You can say “I love you” a thousand times. But if you’re not showing it in your actions it’s not felt. Your song speaks the reality of the emotion and you sang it like you felt it. Thank you Kitty for all your beautiful and classic contributions to music. I was not born in your era, but being a musician there is no time limit on the music that I love. Classics are classics, time is irrelevant. I have checked on the internet and I know you’re still alive. Maybe this will reach you, I don’t know. I’d just like to say here that: I love you Kitty and you have a true fan here and you’re music is a God send… thank you for it. Good bye and God bless.

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