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what is guest bloging in SEO?

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    Guest blogging is when you write an article for another person's blog with the understanding that you'll get a link from that article back to your site.

    The benefit to the other person is a free article to create content for their site; the benefit for you is that link to provide SEO traffic from a legitimate source (as opposed to low quality links like directories and article sites).

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    Hello Naary,

    I'm not exactly sure of your question but I'll give it a try.

    SEO, search engine optimization, is a way of enhancing your website chances of being viewed by the search engines, delivering more quality traffic to your site. One way of doing that is building backlinks, that is the act of having your website linked to other websites.

    If you go to a blog, as a guest and post a reply, but at the end you put a link to your site, that is "back linking" and that is SEO done by "guest blogging", if you want to call it this way. Just be sure to give real comments, the intention is to really help people and that maybe will help you at the end, but don't spam.

    Hope it helps.


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    Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Here, you lend your expertise to create content for another blog. That blog owner provides you with additional exposure via their target audience and allows you to link back to your website.

    This brings you visitors from your guest blog post to your website and search engines also find the link thus adding to your backlink count. This improves your standing in search engines for some keywords depending on what you posted and what anchor text you were allowed to use, etc.

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    Guest blogging is when you write an article for another blog other than your one. Usually, the blog you are guest writing for will let you place a link back to your own blog in the article.

    The reason one would guest blog is because it provides exposure to your own blog, and provides a "link" to it, which will improve your "pagerank".

    Source(s): Read more about page rank here:
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    Just simply your the one commenting.

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