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More baby name ideas?

The last name is hudson

*Do you like the name ethan blake or adrian blake better ?

* aubrey nicole or ariana marie

*what are some other pretty girl names (first and middle) nothing dumb like anita or lina or lourey? I dont like those i want something cute and girly but that will fit any girl... Any other first and middle names For a boy i dont want anythng dumb like henry i want something cute like adam or a cool guy name please and thanks

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I'm not a big fan of Adrian Blake Hudson or Ethan Blake Hudson. I really don't think Adrian or Ethan go well with Blake. Even more, you chose first names that end with an -n sound, just like the surname. I don't think it sounds very good. Out of the names you gave, I like Ethan Blake Hudson the best. Might I recommend Elliot, Elijah, Elias, Eli, Asher, Andrew, or Alexander? Elijah Blake Hudson sounds less rhyming... I think Aubrey Hudson, but I like them both. What about Audrey Hudson? I like the sound a bit better than Aubrey....

    Elliot Davis

    Elijah Scott

    Elias Noel

    Eli Joseph

    Asher David

    Andrew Blake

    Alexander Blake

    Adam (this is a cool name) Blake

    Brady Hunter

    Spencer Mitchell

    Cooper Levi

    Tanner Brady

    Blake Edward

    Bryce Jeremy

    Cody Drake

    Colby Rhys

    Caleb Kyle

    Callum Kirk

    Carter Elliot

    Derek Joshua

    Daryl James

    Dominic Anthony

    Cole Adam

    Nicholas (can also shorten to Cole) Adam

    Nathaniel Adam

    Conley Travis

    Conrad Blake

    Dallas Brady

    Davis Alexander

    Forrest Michael

    Griffith Patrick

    Gregory Blake

    Jacob Adam

    Jared Elliot

    Jeffrey Carter

    Jeremy Micah

    Joshua Nolan

    Joel Bentley

    Jonah Oliver

    Jonas Nathaniel

    Kyle Trevor

    Lance Jeremy

    Luke Alexander

    Lucas Kyle

    Mark Raleigh

    Marcus Cole

    Miles Cooper

    Max Carter

    Neil Christopher

    Noah Christopher

    Oliver Adam

    Parker Rhys

    Porter Anthony

    Rhys Anthony

    Quincy Davis

    Ross Alexander

    Rory Scott

    Russell Bennett

    Ryder Scott

    Seth Tucker

    Anthony Blake

    Sterling Adam

    Samuel Jeremy

    Travis Joseph

    Wesley Scott

    Zachary Rhys

    Amelia Marie

    Adriana Noelle

    Audrey Nicole

    Abigail Grace

    Alicia Kyelle

    Alexandria Joy

    Alexis Leigh

    Amelie Rose

    Aurora Noelle

    Aria Camille

    Blythe Margot

    Blanche Marie

    Felicity Noelle

    Felicia Nicole

    Fiona Sabine

    Briana Kyelle

    Briony Keira

    Brooke Paisley

    Cambria Linnae (lynn-ay)

    Cassidy Shea


    Celeste Marie

    Charlotte Rose

    Chloe Veronica

    Christiana Marie

    Emiliana Noelle

    Claire Oriana

    Clara Kathryn

    Courtney Estelle

    Gabriela Grace

    Gabrielle Geneva

    Daniela Faye

    Danielle Talia

    Dahlia Elise

    Adalia Shea

    Annaliese Noelle

    Anneke Noelle

    Dannica Nicole

    Delilah Eve

    Erika Merry

    Anya Marie

    Asha Marie

    Anjali Noelle

    Geneva Noelle

    Genevieve Marie

    Gwyn Odette

    Gwyneth Melissa

    Gloria Marie

    Harmony Noelle

    Heidi Marie

    Holly Marie

    Hannah May

    Heather Melody

    Isabelle Kyelle

    Isabella Noelle

    Jessenia Noelle

    Kayla Noelle

    Keira Marie

    Katrina Shea

    Kylie Nicole

    Lorelai Nicole

    Maisie Skye

    Margot Kathryn

    Maya Noelle

    Mara Noelle

    Miriam Lucia

    Melody Amber

    Marcy Grace

    Darcy Amber

    Merry Angelica

    Michaela Joy

    Megan Alicia

    Melissa Yvette

    Noelle Marie

    Natasha Talia (Tah-lee-uh)

    Nora Margot

    Nola Melody

    Chiara Marie

    Nova Skye

    Olivia Scarlet

    Oriana Noelle

    Paisley Shea

    Rachel Noelle

    Regina Nicole

    Rania Noelle

    Rebhya Nicole

    Rosalynn Marie

    Sabine Noelle

    Sabrina Marie

    Sadie Noelle

    Sylvia Grace

    Samantha Marie

    Scarlet Angelique

    Selene Elise

    Sierra Nicole

    Sienna Nicole

    Stella Marie

    Sydney Alexa

    Summer Nicole

    Tabitha Nicole

    Talia Grace or Talia Nicole

    Tamara Marie

    Tara Nicole

    Tecla Nicole

    Tyra Nicole

    Victoria Grace

    Veronica Joy

    Zara Margot

    Zoe Nicole

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  • 9 years ago

    Adrian Blake but to be honest ethan blake goes better with hudson.

    Aubrey Does Not Sound Good With Nicole Sorry. And Ariana Doesn"t Go Well With Marie. Sorry Again. Ariana Nicole Is very Cute. I would suggest that. Girl: M'Kenzie Lynn Hudson Rylie Elizabeth Hudson or Kylie Elizabeth Hudson Alice Marie Hudson Audree Maleena Hudson Boy:Hunter Alexander Hudson or Tanner Aaron Hudson Nicholas Cameron Hudson :) I am really Sorry I Was Being Mean About The Nmaes But It Is My Honest Opinion. Lol Stupid Henry! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Adrian Blake

    Aubrey Nicole

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Adrian Blake & Aubrey Nicole.

    My favorite boy's name is Nathaniel Vaughn. Nathaniel means God's gift and Vaughn means small. So God's small gift. :)

    I have way too many favorite girl names. Aubrey and Nicole are on the list though. :)

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