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Do you think the English language sounds like German?

It seems to me that they don't really sound similar but I don't know, maybe to a person who doesn't know a single word of English it might sound German-like? What do you think?

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    Not at all, German is very guttural, in fact it can ressemble more French than English, beacause at least they pronounce the R's alike and German has all the French phonemes, but English it not alike at all. English sound as if you were chewing gum as you speak, with a lot of fricative R's, or as if you were drunk. German sounds like braking dogs. (No offense, just trying to make some references)

    Source(s): I'm Colombian, once I heard we talked like Gun Machines. Ohhh und Ich spreche auch Deutsch Französich und Englisch! Ich weiss wovon ich rede.
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    @Frank that was funny XD.

    The answer will probably be that English and German are both in the "Germanic" group for languages yes Dutch will fall under there too so they most likely have some similarities. A better example would be that Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French are all in the "Romance" category which is why they have a lot of similarities. :) I may not be 100% correct but I know a good amount. -_-

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): I have a lot of free time......
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    probable when you consider which you're being very selfish and thinking of your guy or woman aesthetic comments as info. For the checklist, to a pair human beings, Dutch sounds lots greater advantageous than German (admittedly no longer specific northern dialects of dutch), German isn't in user-friendly terms no longer the terrific sounding language contained in the international yet between the worst, suitable alongside French and Klingon, and the Germans dub foreign places video clips simply by fact they are too lazy to study subtitles.

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    I'am learning German. And some words are so alike or even the same. Other words are different but English and German are the most similar languages. Example helf-help beir-beer wein-wine mein-my Hund-dog katze-cat park-park grass-grass sonne-sun... See the similarities, just examPles

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  • Frank
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    8 years ago

    See my source for what English sounds like.

    The first 15 seconds are Italian. The sound starts after that.

  • I think they sound completely different. Some words sound similar, but other than that...

  • Edward
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    There are a few words here and there that sound similar.

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    I would say UK English more closely resembles German in sounds (than US English) but even that, not really...

  • 8 years ago

    I know someone that speaks both, he thinks they sound pretty different Tht are VERY similar when it comes to grammar.

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