Problem with my GEFORCE 210 1GB GRAPHIC CARD?

Hello guyz i bot a new pc.... and its config.... as follows:-

INTEL CORE I3-2100 {3.1 GHZ}




The problem is my pc hangs when i install the nvidia drivers given with the graphic card my pc works for 20 to 30 mins after installation and suddenly hangs and shuts down... and so i uninstalled the drivers and the problem solved and pc located its default drivers and its working normally but no game is playing... my question is what should i do now ???? i am planning to dettach the graphic card from mother board and wanna connect my monitor to default motherboard socket.... but i wanna play hiend games like bioshok, farcrysis etc........ plz suggest me ur valuable solutions about my problem ..........??????????????????

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  • 8 years ago
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    its strange. have u tried other stable drivers?? i suggest u download latest stable nvidia drivers and then try it.

    since it works good for 20-30 min, this problem can be due to overheating.

    GT210 comes in both active cooling [with fan] or passive cooling [without fan]

    my friend owns a fan wala GT210.

    if fan fails. graphics card can overheat and ultimately hang and turn off the PC. i suggest u download msi afterburner and speed fan. then monitor the temprature when u use msi kombuster [included with afterburner. if not , download it too]. run kombuster for 10 mins and then check the temprature. it should be below 75'C. if its above it , open cabinet and check fan [if its active cooled] if its spinning or not. if problem is still not solved. RMA your card [warranty claim]

    damn man. GT210 gives just little better performance than onboard graphics of your CPU. u should have bought atleast a GT430 or HD5670.

  • 3 years ago

    Zotac Nvidia Geforce 210 Driver

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